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my sexy bf's pants ;), United States
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i have blonde hair blue eyes, big boobs. i love hangin wit friends. purple is an amazing color. sorry tht ur boyfriend wants me in his pants and not u. (: ahh ha

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Dec 6 2009 11:58AM
leave me stufffff.
im not going to be on as much.
no need.
Jul 3 2009 1:20PM
i dunno.
ok so i love my bf to death, but i swear he doesnt love me as much anymore. well he probably does, but we never get to talk, it sucks. i miss him all the time. i always think about him. <3 i love you baby.
Jun 6 2009 1:16PM
i got a new phone with textin so give me yerr number and ill text you
May 28 2009 10:47PM
this website is dumb. i dont think im coming on anymoreeeee.
May 27 2009 8:57PM
lets talkkk;
May 8 2009 10:59PM
if u wnt a good time send me a message ;)
Apr 23 2009 6:31PM
i love textin so ask for my digets.
Mar 19 2009 10:59PM
i guess
my cuz's bf isnt a cheater. she loves him and he loves her alot nd thts all tht mattrs
Mar 19 2009 7:24PM
my cuzins bf is a cheater. she is at my house cryin so hard. its makin me sad
Mar 14 2009 12:32PM
i hate
my boobs! there so BIG!


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Jun 7 2009 10:18PM

hey baby im sry i havent been on as much as i shud be but so things happen im rly sry i just luv u so much and i never wanna lose u ur 99.9% of the reason i get up in the mornin the other .1% is becuz i have to wiz baby i luv u and remem u can always come to me for help
May 28 2009 1:11PM

hey baby jsut leavin u a comment im sry but i aint gunna be on till like 8 cuz i gotta job that i was called out for so i guess ill see u then i luv u babe
May 27 2009 3:13PM

hey babe just leavin u a comment i will always luv u and wen me and u have sex its so friggin amazing that the others are jealous
May 23 2009 10:17PM

hey wats up friend??
May 22 2009 7:17PM

hey hotty

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