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I love lil wayne hes a beast

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May 13 2009 6:05PM
Dam Im Sooooo Mutha Fukin Tierd I Just Want To Fuk My Girl And My Niggaz Are vTellin Me Shes Not A Good b**** For Me And I say Fuk U Dumb Ass I luv Her Shes Soo Mutha Fukin Hot!!!!
Mar 12 2009 8:24PM
Mar 11 2009 5:45PM
I Love My Girl
Meghan I Love So Much You Are The Only One I Want U So Mutha ****in Hot Luv Ya
Mar 11 2009 3:26PM
My Rap Called Zoo
Yung money mutha ****a were the cash at i put numbas on your head like class hat see i dun been throw everything like a lab rat can u swim see u sleepin were the crabs at i stand before u b**** niggaz with the 5th cocked Boom Boom u can hear a pen drop bullet proof vest cannot defend tops wanna walk in my shoes u need ten soxs but these niggaz are actors like rick foxx stick to the script or **** around and get written out we in this mutha ****a throwin up the sets g4 boys throw them of the jet me and mack to niggaz from the same hood fell from the same tree cut from the same wool he the yung lion im the yung bull welcome to the zoo u in the zoo
Mar 10 2009 10:51PM
My Rap Called Crazy
b**** im crazy cuz u lazy and u already pushin daisys and u ****in up my swag u damn hag and b**** i be braggin cuz my diamonds are shinin like the mutha ****in son cuz of my gun i see them ***** niggaz runnin cuz im gunnin and havin so much fun gunnin them ***** niggaz up yup im gunnin them eminems cuz they posen cuz them b****es are god damn frozen cuz i am the chozen one cuz of my gun and crazy cuz your lady is pushin daisey cuz im so crazy b**** im crazy cuz im so ****in fly and i buy my b****es anything they want if they do me strong cuz your girl is wrong cuz she say i ant crazy but your girls already pushin daisys.
Mar 10 2009 3:48PM
My Rap Called You Dont Know
i got a lot of loot and i ant lookin for a lady and you can never pay me im from uptown baby i wake up in the mornin take a piss and wash my hands get on my knees and thank the man and get back to the money you dont know i am the show nigga i aint got a money printer so for the paper chase im out runnin sprinters yes the last two cash money members shout out the new cash money members baby and slim still point guard and center so much money on my mind its all i remember and i just bought a gun wit an extender and the b**** hold me up like suspenders cut like a blender sharper than a b**** they got so many ***** niggaz i can make a list niggaz wonder why i stress that i am the best cuz even bobble heads tell me yes haha put it on the hood im hollygrove to death im alredy good im workin on my left a jungle on my wrist a circus on my neck dont forget the baby or the f you dont know i am the show nigga i aint got money printer so for the chase im out runnin sprinters.
Mar 9 2009 11:48PM
My Rap Called Fire
mama always told me i was crazy but my hoes say im amazing but i dont listen to a lady but the b**** say im hot but i say no b**** im blazin like wat the **** u expect im a mutha ****in caveman and i feel caged in my mind its like my flow is doin time i go crazy inside but when it comes out its fine like wine wait watch so i get betta time cause im a mutha ****in dime b**** im going to do a crime so suck my **** you mutha ****in b**** or go catch my mine im going to so **** u and all the haters to.
Mar 9 2009 7:51PM
My Rap Called Maniac
hi my name is best rapper alive and your mouth is the best crapper alive cuz u talk **** and im like just **** dat and i split like barking dawgs call it bust back attitude like **** em all and im greezy and your boyfriends a butter ball wats geezy i mean wats good b**** you blind. check my watch bet it be money all the time sunny on side were i say at were MIA at? i get ***** every time i say dat in the game room i dont play b**** nigga get laid down were he lay at ak at your front doh b**** i know shoot till yo wrist soh coupe were da b**** go who put the slickpull im tierd of the south so in your mouth were da **** go yehhhhhhhhhhh they like it when i say yeah huh and your boyfriends a tampon and i dont own land baby i own land mines and step on my land baby and catch a bomb like anquan im a franchise and you lookin through me like i have ant eyes yung money cant die b**** we like hanncock yeah im a martin watchu sayin spock i turn your beef into a ham hot then i put in a pan pot and i shoot till my hand hot i cant her you sayin stop put i can her your girl sayin pop i hear choppers sayin chop i hear niggas screamin **** like i said holla at your boy b**** but i holla at your boy b**** im the boy b**** im the boy b**** cuz your boy a b****


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william money
Mar 25 2009 1:19AM

wats good man
Mar 22 2009 3:01AM

hey pa waz gud

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