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I'm a girl who loves to go horse-back riding and hopes to get one this year My best friend's name is Lilly O'Connor.My favorite game is Bella Sara.

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Apr 16 2009 1:28PM
yeaaaaaaa yeaaaaaaaaa
i ride a new horse now for my lesson his name is DOC DOC DOC DOC DOC and he rocks
Mar 19 2009 7:04PM
cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry
Mar 7 2009 2:01AM
im back from school finaly
Feb 10 2009 10:25PM
heeey peps?!?!?!?!?!?!!!
hows it going its me julia peace i love u alll
Feb 6 2009 7:45PM
watz up people im soooooooooooo awsome and ur not soo hahahahahhaha
Dec 28 2008 7:33PM
horse back riding
i cant wait for wendsdays
Dec 28 2008 7:32PM
my brother is stupid
he vvvvy stuipd
Dec 28 2008 7:23PM
you know what gives me the hebejebes.David Guerrero and chistian lopez
Dec 27 2008 10:27PM
heres what i said on last blog piz comments me because im soo bord and doinnnn nothin
Dec 26 2008 12:31AM
try to figure out wat im sayin
me piz comments soo nothin bord im because doinnn


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Feb 15 2009 3:46PM

Hi arabin 199! I like horse riding as well!
Feb 10 2009 10:39PM

Hi julia its me lilly i havent been on line for a long timme!!!!! ill see you in school on mon tuse wed thu fri

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