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hey im ryan im 13 lol and im jakes brother thank god i dont live with him so idk

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Jan 4 2009 5:48PM
yep im a jerk deal with it b****
Jan 4 2009 12:49AM
ya me and my brothers jake david and zac went roller skating and we saw some hot girls so we started talkin 2 them and we got their phone numberz no lie i got 3 phone numberz but i dont feel like callin them idk maybe i after we went roller skating we went 2 a party i didnt drink cause i cant but i got some alone time with this cute girl.then i got alone time with this HOT girl after that i took a sexy gurl home she was about 19 or 18 but idk so ya we didnt do anything bad............ or maybe we did. some ppl say im just like jake.....ya i am........ jake dated five gurls at the same time but i dated only 3 dang but im close .zac he isnt like me and jake but david(my twin)he is more like a flirty guy .so yep thats wat i did today


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Feb 25 2009 5:58PM

hii im bored
soo ya
um byee

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