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I don't really know what to put here| Message me love bugs ♥ Single (:

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Jul 16 2014 12:51AM
New pictures on photobucket <3
Oct 4 2013 1:46PM
I want to stop you from leaving here..but I doubt that's enough..
Sep 21 2013 5:42PM
Thought it was time to upload some new pictures on the photobucket (: So go look at them <3
Aug 28 2013 2:52PM
I don't dislike you. I honestly really and truly hate your guts.
Aug 22 2013 5:27AM
Been up all night. Suppose to pull an nighter with Madison..she passed out around 2 am. Then I stayed up. I tried to go to sleep around 4 am and yeah as you can tell that failed. Why? Sleep I just need sleep. .__.
Aug 17 2013 4:53PM
But you know I wanted to be everything you wanted and more,but it's okay. I'll be fine without you.
Aug 15 2013 4:07PM life is so pathetic.
How do people end up in relationship after relationship after relationship and I can’t find a single person to even find me remotely interesting for a solid ten seconds?
Aug 14 2013 4:13PM
I tried so hard to be what you needed.
Aug 9 2013 7:47PM
Look at me crying like an idiot .
Aug 9 2013 7:27PM
My hands are shaking,heads spinning,crying a river. Everything is so overwhelming.


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Jul 30 2014 10:14PM

Thank you Rachel (:
Nov 21 2013 1:51PM

Thanks thottie,miss you too.
Sep 24 2013 3:01PM

i just about pissed on myself reading your comment but ha hahahaha its not censored when I look at it
sexy girl 101
Aug 5 2013 9:38AM

Message me boo
Aug 3 2013 4:57PM

Text me buttercup.
Aug 2 2013 4:36PM

Lol yeah text me or something. We use to be best friends you a stranger now.
Aug 2 2013 12:23PM

You better stayyyyyyy this time.
Aug 1 2013 5:30PM

Sometimes love from others hurt, so I'm here to heal the pain with my love :3
Apr 10 2013 7:33PM

Hehe I know
Apr 5 2013 3:56PM

Aha just shut up...shut up
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