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wit da homie, United States
About Me:
#ImagineMusic . Im a rapper from Cali. i go by the name of Gravity . Im chill as Fuck . So hit me up;)

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Jun 2 2013 12:43AM
Hit me Up!!!!
,,, bored af
Dec 20 2011 3:14PM
y u playn games
get to the point lmao..
Jun 21 2011 4:29AM
waddup my niggaz lol...essage ya boy
May 12 2011 10:24PM
ok now that **** was fast now mssg me if u veiwed my profile...i might want ta get ta no u anyway lol...ya boii Martezz$$ €£¥•
May 12 2011 10:16PM
cmon guys help me get to 2050 and ill tell u something i like about:..(even if i dont no u ) no gay **** tho lol .... #LEGGO
May 11 2011 8:26PM
.....pppppsssshhhh...prayin id get online smh......€£¥•
May 10 2011 10:40PM
so bored hit ya boii up i am sooooo bored €£¥
May 10 2011 9:19PM
ya boii is lookin foe a girl and if anyone is interested then dont be shy and hit ya boii... up i might say no but that dont mean that we cant be freinds ... no gay niggas
May 10 2011 9:05PM
whoes...€£¥ smhead....get off my ****......not u kaema or kaya lol
May 10 2011 8:56PM
how can ya hate from outside of the club.....u cant even gettin (haha) #LEGGO


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Sep 23 2012 5:01PM

Lmaoo why??
May 17 2011 6:47PM

Lmfao, I See You Too. this Site HELLA Dead :/
May 12 2011 9:44AM

Gettin ready for school, you?(:
May 11 2011 8:39PM

pshh whatever haa
danqq why yuu stalking me for
May 11 2011 5:19PM

May 10 2011 9:35PM

uqhh uqhh
yuu suckk mann lol
yuu know why ii saidd that
Mar 10 2010 8:46PM

awh wassup? (: showin' my loveee back.!
Aug 3 2009 8:38PM

Mmmm Das a kute pic ;)
Jul 27 2009 7:43PM

Lmaoo Thankk Yuhh :P
Shownn Dhaa Looooveee Bacc
Jul 23 2009 9:07PM

Heyy (:
i knoooo :/
Wass Happeninn Boii?
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