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I'm currently 16 and I love music, the outdoors and reading sometimes:) but I love chat, games and email online. If you're looking just to talk I'm here but I don't mind other stuff;)

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May 7 2011 9:46AM
Damn... It's been months since I've been here so anyone wanna talk??
Oct 17 2010 2:24PM
Hi ppl its been a long long time since ive been here so what up??
Aug 11 2010 11:50AM
Yay today is the first day of Ramadan I'm so happy that I'm actually fasting this year:)
Aug 1 2010 1:21PM
Hey pplz
Hi ppl I'm always bored so talk to me whenver u want :)
Jul 24 2010 1:13PM
I'm so bored
Hey pplz I'm dying of boredness sumone HELP ME
Jul 23 2010 1:34PM
I hate my life
I hate my life so much I literally hAve nothing to do
Jul 23 2010 1:44AM
Freaking Out
Can u believe I have to take a shower at 12:00 am
it's freakin annoying !
Jul 21 2010 1:15PM
im so bored
Jul 5 2010 1:51PM
hey im so bored
hey ppl im freakin bored right now need to chat wit sumone HELP ME !
Apr 6 2010 3:23PM
pissed off
im really pissed off now i hav nothing to do which is annoying and i hav nothing to do outside helooooooo im reeealy bored


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