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fuchsia city, United Kingdom
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i,m blake or my nickname puddin i'm am half trinidadian and zombies and zelda and yugioh are awsome

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Mar 15 2011 10:57AM
pokemon revenge theme
randomly found this
it was the year 2005
youtube had just begun
so we made a video
just for fun
we liped sinked the pokemon theme we thought it was alright
but randomly some **** removed it claiming copy right
pokemon you don't know at all
why can't you see it was a parody
ohhhhh you use to be cool
till you turned into a tool
pokemon you can go to hell
and get tons of views
you legal teams full of noobs
mess with me and i'll teach you pokemon
try to sue use now try to sue us now pokemon
Sep 19 2010 4:22PM
dudes like marapets awsome join up if you want
Sep 8 2010 4:22PM
i wonder
i tryed to add myself as a friend and block myself but it didn't work
Sep 8 2010 4:03PM
i'm back at school so my friends message me when i'm offline
Sep 7 2010 11:23AM
school was better today than ever for some odd reason
Sep 7 2010 11:21AM
the rains messin my T.V and i'm getting a guy to make an account on this
Sep 6 2010 3:52PM
i won't add anyone as a friend if they don't send a message to me
Sep 6 2010 3:21PM
i'm back at school in morning and steel pan in the afternoon steel pans awsome but school not so much
Sep 6 2010 10:58AM
i just remembered my old account password on marapets its been like a couple of years since i created it
my account name is akeeolland
Aug 28 2010 6:21PM
just like what my dad says
ask your mum


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