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durham nc, United States
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I am a cool person to hang around im' 14 bout to be 15 ummmm and i am living a gud life dnt have time for ya love,Aisha <3

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Aug 18 2010 11:32AM
aisha songz
I'v got love all on meheeee n maybe ur touch
every part of meheee i got love all on mehee when i complettele up ur loveeeeeeeeeee wowowowowow iv' got love all on meheee n maybe ur touch every part of meheeeeee!!!!!!!lol

datz my song and

love,aisha josh poor baby!!lol
Aug 18 2010 11:29AM
josh ,aisha
roses are red n violets are blue
you love meh n i lovee u bae
lol lol laughin out loud

love,aisha n josh
Aug 18 2010 11:25AM
aisha n josh

how are u doin babe i misss u n i love u
but i got to go to take a shower byee!!!!!
love ya <3

love,aisha <3
Aug 18 2010 12:22AM
aisha's story
well i saw this website on my computer and i just signed up for it becuz i thought it will be fun too join
so i said im' goin sign up sensse evryone eles have a mostfungame hehe but if i cant' get alone wiff some ppl on here i willl fucckkin curse them out i mean damm i gucci but if u have something to say then say it to meh ****kin face i mean im' not ****in scared of ya b**** let meh know if ya got something to say n we can sove it !!!!!!!!!!!<3
Aug 18 2010 12:16AM
aisha's rapz
<3my name is aisha and ur name is brittney plez dnt think im' jusss as ****y
but if u dnt understand or pronounsed my name den if u dnt get it plez dnt say a damm thing
u can roll ur and u can stomp ur feet but diz black girl u show cant' beat
if u have any question plez be sure to call but if u dnt know my numba den jusss forget about it shawty im' gud to be r u gud to be becuz the way im looking at it im glad too see.<3

<3<3<3<3 tink
me nick name <3
Aug 17 2010 11:46PM
aishas' life
hey, im aisha
dnt have time too worry bout ya so
if u have a question or a word
inbox meh or chatbox meh,,,ducess

love,aisha <3


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