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cincannati, United States
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i dont like guns that dont hurt but i do like airsoft n paintball it hurts and hurts really bad for paintball i want to be a racer when i grow up i have done quarter midgets i broke my arm in it i did a double back flip into the wall hard

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Jul 31 2009 11:05AM
wat movies i like
i like twilight longest yard semi pro madia goes to jail fast 2 ferious 2 want to see the new fast and the furious coming out want to see new moon
Jul 30 2009 9:22PM
my dad
my dad works all day and gets home at about 6:30 pm and mom goes to work sometime and i have 2 sisters and 1 brother i am the youngest in family we have a jeda a big huge van with a big flat screen tv and a mazda 3
Jul 30 2009 9:18PM
hey people im a person on the earth
Jul 28 2009 10:36AM
me and wat i do
i love playing airsoft with friends i love to play soccer my main sports are soccer baseball football basketball i love to hang with friedns i do play paintball sometimes


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