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in hell, come join me, United States
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im emo. not a fake emo, my name is joe i have a youtube channel. dontbeabagadush. check me out

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Mar 20 2011 3:48PM
**** yes..
july 29th.. i am getting my tattoo on my right wrist **** YEAH!!!
Jan 30 2011 7:06AM
O.O holy shet?
i might be getting a new tattoo on my wrist or on my left arm. i am unsure of what to get.. yeah post some ideas? somthing my mum wont flip out about..tuesday i will know if im getting or not
Jan 19 2011 3:10PM
Jan 16 2011 9:46PM
my tattoo.
aug 18th 2010 i got it done tell u somthin.. half the time u forget u have a tattoo on ur arm >.<.. ive woken up one night screaming " WTF IS THAT ON MY ARM!" .. yeeaaaah <.>. didnt hurt to get it done. just thought id post somthing
Jan 11 2011 4:13AM
4:12 am ,wut im thinking about.
life. sucks.. i might be comin on here every now and again more often. who knows..
Aug 3 2010 12:30PM
my tatto woo
about a week left till i got my tatto appointment <_> i dont even have a good desighn yet fuc k me!
Jul 9 2010 9:18PM
wow ..
there is alot of emo,scene,guthic kids on here now like wtf?? *not saying there bad im emo also* just a lot more then there used to be o.o
Jul 7 2010 12:22PM
work + me =
bored as ****.. back to work lunch is over >_<
Jul 5 2010 8:51PM
gettin a tatto on my upper right arm.. cant wait aug 11th .. not october :s
Jul 5 2010 7:50AM
hahaha we bought morners that aree suppost to blow up in the air, u put it in a tube, well anyways we light one off and it BLOWS THE TUBE UP! the 2nd one *we used a pipe* it hit my friends pool!! NOOOOO! lmao fun 4th :D


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May 14 2011 7:29PM

remember mee??? (:
Jun 1 2010 4:39PM

hahaha. and o, please tell me i friended the right youtube thing lol
May 30 2010 3:24PM

hmmmm..... omg. go on some like adult swim games or something like that, and play robot unicorn attack. it is the most stupidest, pointless game ever. but it is sooo freaking addicting lol it's like really popular at my school lol
May 23 2010 12:32PM

yeaa... we do... lol so... what up??? lol(:
May 10 2010 5:11PM

you no talky talky!!
Apr 18 2010 6:45PM

bahaha i dont know.
Apr 2 2010 10:22PM

haha wow
Apr 1 2010 4:18PM

whattttt nooooo not my fault!!!! i had to work goshhh
Apr 1 2010 4:15PM

:D good!!
Mar 30 2010 8:01PM

wow.... your just mean!!!
but i still love you! (:
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