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check out my website every1!! its for my new game: Bigs 2!!!!!!!! its a trailer, and there ae others, check them all out

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Mar 3 2009 6:46PM
A young woman was pulled over for speeding in Saskatchewan. As the Saskatchewan RCMP Officer walked to her car window, flipping open his ticket book, she said, I bet you are going to sell me a ticket to the RCMP Ball.

He replied, ‘Ma’am, Saskatchewan RCMP don’t have balls.’

There was a moment of silence while she smiled, and he realized what he’d just said. He then closed his book, got back in his patrol car and drove off.

She was laughing too hard to start her car.
Mar 3 2009 6:37PM
how is this possible?
There was an old woman that wanted to spend the rest of her life in a mansion, so she bought a mansion, then she said, “I’ll name it after the first thing she saw.” The first thing she saw was a hairy butt, so she named it hairy butt.

Then she decided she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life lonely so she bought a dog. She named it after the first thing she saw, which was a crack in the sidewalk so she named it ‘Crack.’

Then one day she lost her dog and told someone, “I looked all over my hairy butt but I couldn’t find my crack!”
Mar 3 2009 6:16PM
Blonde with a car
There were two blondes, and they had just came from a store.

The blonde that owned the mustang had locked her keys in the car. She was trying to pick the lock when she stoped to rest for a second.

When she sat down, her friend said, “Hurry up, it’s starting to rain and the top’s down!”
Mar 2 2009 7:20PM
The Price Of Gas
There is a game show where there are 3 doors labeled 1 2 and 3. There is some thing behind each door. what is behind door 2 is more valuable then what is behind door 1 and then same with door two and 3 what is in three is the most valuable and what is in 1 is worth the least. But the audience doesn’t know that. The game show host selects 3 people. He asks the first person to pick a door. He picks door one and gets a block of silver. The he says “This can’t be the most valuable.” So the host asks the second person to pick a door. They pick the 2nd door. He pulls out a block of gold and says,”This must be the most valuable item.”. And then the host Says To the last person to go get what is behind door three,while he smiles,the third person comes back with a gallon of gas and says,”This is the most valuable item.”
Mar 2 2009 7:16PM
Ice Cream
A man walks into an ice cream parlor and looks at the menu. He says,”I’ll have a gallon of vannila, a gallon of strawberry, and a gallon of chocolate. The clerk says,”Sorry sir we’re out of chocolate.” The man says ok and looks at the menu again. He says, “I’ll have a quart of vannila, a quart of strawberry, and a quart of chocolate.” The clerk says,”Told you, we’re out of chocolate.” “Right i forgot.” He takes another look at the menu and says,”OK i’ll have a pint of vanilla, a pint of strawberry, and a pint of chocolate.” The clerk shakes his head and says,”Sir how do you spell the ill in vanilla?” “Well I.L.L.” he replies. “How do you spell the straw in strawberry?” “S.T.R.A.W…” “Now, how do you spell the f*ck in chocolate?” “Well there ain’t no f*ck in chocola-” “THAT’S WHAT IV’E BEEN TRYIN TO TELL YOU! THERE AINT NO F*CKIN CHOCOLATE!”
Feb 28 2009 6:32PM
A Priest and a Bussiness Man
A priest & a businessman were playing golf, After playing several holes,the businessman’s game takes a turn 4 the worse. “Damn! I missed!” he swears, as his ball lands in a sand bunker. The priest is understandably shocked & astonishes the businessman, “Do not swear, my son. You will incur God’s Wrath.” The next time the businessman fails, however,he exclaims again,”Damn! I missed!” The priest gets very angry & scolds him severely: “My son, you place yourself in great jeopardy by your words!” But alas,as the businessman’s ball again fails to roll where he wants it to,he yells loudly: “Damn, I missed!” Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes from the clear sky & reduces the priest to a pile of smoldering ash & a booming voice from heaven shouts: “DAMN! I MISSED!”
Feb 27 2009 8:23PM
Top of a building
There are four men on top of a building. 1 is George Washington, another is Abraham Lincoln, another is John Carrey and the last one is George W. Bush. George Washington says “This is gonna make someone really happy!” and throws a 1 dollar bill off the building. Arbaham Lincoln says “This is gonna make a lot of people happy!” and throws 100 one dollar bills off the building. Then John Carrey says “This is gonna make the whole world happy!” and he pushes George Bush off the building.
Feb 27 2009 8:22PM
a brazillian soldier
One day bush was sitting in his office when suddenly his secretary rushed into his office and said

“sir, im sorry to inform u that today three Brazillian soldiers died in combat.”

a few seconds later

Bush went ” OMG how many trillions are there in a Brazillion ?! “
Feb 27 2009 7:53PM
Funny Song Parodies (Three Songs)
Dashing through the snow, on a broken pair of skis. Over the hills we go, crashing into trees! , the snow is turning red, I think im almost dead, and now im in the Hos-pit-al with stitches in my head, Oh jingle bells, jingle bells Santa Clause is dead! Roudolph got a .22 and shot him in the hea-ad. Barbie doll, barbie doll, tried to save his life, But G.I Joe From Mexico, stabbed her with a knife.

(To the tune of Glory Glory Hallelujah)

Glory Glory Hallelujah! The Teacher hit me with a ruler, I hid behind the door, with a loaded .44 and she ain’t my teacher no more. I went to her funeral; I peed on her grave; Some people Threw flowers, I tossed some grenades! The cops came and got me to take me away, But I got out my Bazooka, And blasted that day!

(To the tune of Joy To The World)

Joy to the world! (insert name here) is dead! We barbecued their head! Don’t worry ‘bout the body-y!; We flushed it down the potty!; Round and round it went; Round and round it went; Roun-nd and roun-d and round and round it went.
Feb 26 2009 7:40PM
The Doctor
The Doctor
Once there was a person who studied to be a doctor. He studied so well that he quickly graduated. So he decided to open up a clinic and put a sign up that said, “If we can’t solve your problem then we’ll give you $5,000 first time and $10,000 the second time”. Many people tried to get the $5,000, but non succeded. One day a man said that hes gonna get it. He asked his friend to borrow $1,000 and that he’ll pay hime back $3,000. So he went to the clinic and said. “Doctor I can’t taste anything please help me!!”. So the doctor told his nurse, “give me jar #14”. He put a spoonfull in the mans mouth and he shouted, “What The Hell, THIS TASTES LIKE CRAP!!”. The doctor told him, “see you can taste”. So the man, angry, went back to his friend the next day and asked to borrow $1,000 and he’ll pay him back $5,000. So he went to the clinic and said, “Doc I can’t remember anything!”. So the doctor said asked his nurse, “bring me jar #14”. The man jumped up and shouted, “NO, NOT AGAIN!!!”


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