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I love survival horror games, I am single, and I am a very kind and gentle person. (This does not mean I am desperate!) I will not watch horror movies, guys say girls dig me(not that I know if it is true), I have never been on a date or have kissed a girl

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Jun 15 2010 7:35PM
What would you do?
Oh and be sure to respond in my inbox about the question below.(Just making it clear so there is no confusion.
Jun 15 2010 7:29PM
What would you do?
If we were locked in a room together for 10 hours what would you do. Be honest about your answers ladies. Say anything no matter how dirty or gross it is.
Jun 15 2010 7:24PM
I'm bored.
May 25 2010 7:19PM
CSI Miami season finale
I don't think just three people can run the place. THEY ALL FALL DOWN...:(
Mar 13 2010 11:43AM
I got over my cold!
Mar 4 2010 4:03PM
I have a cold, and I may not be going to school tommorow, that means I will miss my spanish test.
Mar 1 2010 4:17PM
Is she serious?
There is this girl in my geometry class that I kind of like. But what really eats away at my gut is the fact that she is doing things that I describe as "life ruining", today she said that on friday she made out with this guy that she mentioned a couple of times on the previous days. And I was like "WHAT!?" you would do that to a guy you only knew for like two weeks? I was broken in what was supposed to be my heart (I mean that my heart has been busted in to pieces before, but not by a girl) so...I don't feel to good knowing that something bad is going to happen to her. And there is nothing I can do. :(
Feb 16 2010 5:06PM
I am still available ladies! :)
Dec 24 2009 10:46PM
You want some of this?
TRY ME, I dare you.
Dec 22 2009 6:58PM
Okay, here it goes, this girl at my highschool must dig me. She called me "cutie", and I was like"What the?" and now she just ignores me. And she does not have a boyfriend. Do you want any of this right here? THIS is not a **** you called cutie, you called an honest to God man here.


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