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Ricky Loves Yolie In>>, Turkey
About Me:
Yolie.Im Fourteen-15 in July.Im Taken.By Ricky Six-Eiqhteen-Twenty-Ten./(:(6.18.10) Your My Everythinq.Earthquakes can't shake us,Cyclones can't break us,Hurricanes can't take away our love<333

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Jul 5 2010 9:01PM
Get back on.!
messaqe me
Jul 4 2010 2:56PM
You rapist
I'm Yolie.,But call me D a d d y
I'm 14 but aqe doesn't M a t t e r
I'm Taken by R i c k y
I fear M o t h s
I fear C l o w n s
I'm not here for D r a m a
I don't eat meat V e g e t e r i a n
I reqret to many T h i n q s
I'm G e r m a n. M e x i c a n & W h i t e
I believe in God C h r i s t i a n
I love rap T u p a c
I'm Married to T h e o d o r e
My boyfriend #2 is J u s t i n B i e b e r
I'm from C a l i f o r n i a
Oobi is my N i q q u h
imma D r u m m e r
R.I.P M a r c u s R a y C o r r a l
I don't leave anywhere without my I P o d
I'm not always o n l i n e I'm just always loqqed In
I have a L I F E
M e s s a q e me if u l i k e that.!^
if u don't back up and stop S t a l k i n q my P r o f i l e
Thank u.!


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Jun 29 2010 8:55AM

Yolie,Yolie,Yolie : )
Where do I begin....
You are amazing :]
And your beautiful..lol
And guess what?
You are my bessstfriendd : D
Jun 26 2010 11:39PM

can i buy yew?
Jun 19 2010 10:24AM

Forever N Always !!
Jun 19 2010 10:23AM

SOrry GUys.. But this GIrl is Taken BY the BEst...-----> which is ME!! haha xD
kiri number1fan
Jun 13 2010 10:39PM

hiyas bfff
Jun 13 2010 10:34PM

wat upppp!
damm u have more
comments thann me(:
just stoppin by too show
some love.
Jun 13 2010 4:33PM

8th comment is the ****.
I love this chicka Yolie.
She is funny as hell.
She makes me laugh so muchh.
Hope we can be B E S T F R I E N D S for everr.
Foviaa Jillian Santoro.
Jun 13 2010 2:49PM

Me a hoe,
Oh my jesus how'd you figure out?
Jaykay. I aint a hoe.
Jordyn Yolie Fitzroy is a major HOE!
Gotta love Bryson eh?
Jun 13 2010 2:13PM

showin ur page sum love.<3 this bish is the bestest haha xD
Jun 13 2010 2:11PM

xD lmao nice idk will see
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