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!BenJ VilLe!, Dominica
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ya waz hannan diz ya boi bj ya kno wat im sayin n e way im peurtorican and black im 5'8 kinda lite skin i cut mi hair it was long now wavey and curly love 2 play b-ball and im 16 and im single so hit ya boy up!! 4 more info

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Jul 4 2009 10:43AM
keep hatin bcuz ima do my thang no matta wat!!


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Oct 29 2009 7:29PM

Long Time No See Lol Showin Yhu Some Looveee Laterr Angel Kakegamic Was Here<33
May 10 2009 2:07AM

yo watz really gud wit ur brotha nd those pix ? iz he blood?
Apr 30 2009 4:37PM

heyy boo boo how r u
Apr 10 2009 2:12PM

just stoppin by to show sum luv to ya and ya page ♥ so show sum bakk.

~A ♥
Apr 10 2009 12:56PM

i still wanna be friendz but nothin more. u dizzed mi rememba
Apr 9 2009 10:25AM

i dont wanna talk to u anymore u hurt mi papa. sorry
Apr 8 2009 6:09PM

Thanx fah dha add
Jus comminq thru tah sho yew nd ur page sum luv
Apr 7 2009 4:24PM

wuzzup BJ
jasmine herr
2 give luv
Mar 29 2009 2:59PM

i admit i waznt grown when i had my daughter but i had to grow up. my son waz planned after my daughter. i am a grown woman. now cause i have 2 lil one to think about. nd lyke i said i luv u to death cause i do but if u cant except my kidz den u cant have mi papi im sorry
Mar 29 2009 12:02AM

u really really ****ed up. cause im prolly da realist chick u eva find on diz shyt. yeh i got two kidz if u don lyke it idc. if u a real person u would want mi more cause ima grown woman. im not lyke these lil gurlz on diz shyt. im real
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