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Dec 5 2010 11:16PM
my life
now that he is out of my life everything is pretty amazing <3333 i love having people backstab you ;DD
Dec 5 2010 11:05PM
Crazy Beautiful Life<33;DD
Every single night we fight to get a little high on life <33;DD
Nov 4 2010 7:46PM
Got Jesus On My Necklace ;DD<333
;O oh ya i got jesus on my necklace
and there is nothing you can do about it
cuz i run thid town like a club with my sexy azz pants <333
>>>>>>>>/_/\_\<<<<<<< those are my sexyy azz pants mofo <3333;DDD
Nov 1 2010 8:09PM
This is what a real guy would do for a girl <3!!
♥When you break her heart - [ the pain never really goez away ]
♥When she mizzez you - [ she'z hurting inside ]
♥When she sayz itz over - [ she STILL wantz you to be herz ]
♥When she repostz thiz bulletin - [ she wantz you to read it ]
♥When she walkz away from you mad - [ Follow her ]
♥When she stare'z at your mouth - [ Kizz her ]
♥When she pushez you or hit'z you - [ Grab her and don’t let go ]
♥When she start'z cursing at you - [ Kizz her and tell her you love her ]
♥When she ignore'z you - [ Give her your attention ]
♥When she pullz away - [ Pull her back ]
♥When you see her at her worst - [ Tell her she'z beautiful ]
♥When you see her start crying - [ Just hold her and don’t say a word ]
♥When you see her walking - [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ]
♥When she'z scared - [ Protect her ]
♥When she lay'z her head on your shoulder - [ Tilt her head up and kizz her ]
♥When she steal'z your favorite hoodie - [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night ]
♥When she tease'z you - [ Tease her back and make her laugh]
♥When she doesn’t answer for a long time - [ reassure her that everything iz okay ]
♥When she lookz at you with doubt - [ Back yourself up with the TRUTH ]
♥When she say'z that she like'z you - [ she really doez more than you could understand ]
♥When she grab'z at your handz - [ Hold her'z and play with her fingerz ]
♥When she bump'z into you - [ bump into her back and make her laugh ]
♥When she tellz you a secret - [ keep it safe and untold ]
♥When she lookz at you in your eyez - [ don’t look away until she doez ]
♥Stay on the phone with her even if she’z not saying anything.
♥DON'T let her have the last word.
♥DON'T call her Hot,, Gorgeouz or Beautiful are so much better.
♥Say you love her more than she could ever love you.
♥Argue that she iz the best girl ever.
♥When she'z mad hug her tight and don't let go
Nov 1 2010 7:41PM
Age Shouldn't Matter <333
Matters Boy: whats up
Girl: nm you
Boy: i got my G.E.D.
Boy: yeah thnx
Girl: i have to tell you something
Boy: go ahead
Girl: well i love you. i always have i cared about you and your always in my heart
Boy: thats cool i love you too but your too young your 14 and i'm 17
Girl: but i love you, age shouldn't matter
Boy: i know u do and i love u but i found this girl and shes my age
Girl: i just thought......(crying she logs off)
The next day the boy turns on the news and hears that a 14 year old girl cut her wrists and wrote on the wall "Age never matters"

The boy then receives a call from the girl he chose and she says "I'm leaving you for the one i love.
That night the boy hangs himself and writes on the wall "She's right. Age doesn't matter. I love you and always will.
A miracle will happen at 11:11
Nov 1 2010 7:37PM
If you put a
1=ur just a friend
2=ur not my type
3=ur ok
4=ur my type
5=ur cool
6=u might be my type
7=u love me
8=ur so nice
9=ur so hot
10=u wanna have sex with me (TM
Oct 19 2010 10:31PM
beautifully broken <333
Sep 6 2010 11:47PM
to all guys
i HATE guys !!!!
all they do is **** with you until you cant take anymore
Aug 6 2010 1:44AM
i think im strong
but i know im not
people say im pretty
but i dont feel like
sometimes i just feel like giving up
but i wont
i think maybe not being here will help everyone else
but it wont
sometimes i think you love me
but then i her something that makes me think diffrent
i sometimes think i love you
but you make me change my mind
sometimes i dont think you will break my heart
but you do
i always seem to think things but they usually are not what i think
Aug 6 2010 1:36AM
what is love
love is ..
but what happens when you dont have LOVE
well i would know
not having love makes you cold and depressed
why do we need love what is the use
it tears you apart and breaks your heart
you wake up in the middle of the night crying waiting for someone to come and save you but no one is there
sitting in your room drowning yourself in music because thats all you have
thats what love is and nothing else .


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Sep 8 2010 9:22PM

Bye shelby ♥♥ Forever even in our dreams Bye Buddy
Sep 8 2010 9:13PM

Hey buddy i call comment viriginity
Jul 5 2010 11:59PM


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