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boreddddd in de, United States
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The names jakey :] I ish gay bish ^^ single....

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Jul 15 2010 1:14PM
Blake Alexander Thompsin
I will live the last year of my life,
the way I always have.
my friends were the only thing I had left close to family.
so were were like an older brother to me.
ask jay,I told him so myself. you were always there for me and I get it
that you think I should spend my last months doing what I've always wanted to do
the thing is....I've done it already.
I fell in love....that's all I've ever wanted. and I want to thank you
for that all I want to do is spend time with my friends...megan
and hopefully...If your not angry at me....keep talking to you.
I'm sorry that I'm always on the negitive side of everything
I'm sorry I'm always whining like a baby and complaining,but hey....
nobody's perfect. not even you Blake

Jake Ryan Atwood


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Jul 19 2012 6:40PM

I miss you :(
Aug 9 2010 9:54AM

didn't u die or something? =\
Jason's yummy
Jul 20 2010 11:37AM

JAke you make oso happy
Im always smiling when i talk to you and i hate being away from you
Your the only reason i wake up in the morning and your abousoletly perfect
LOVE you tooo death baby
Jason's yummy
Jul 19 2010 10:47AM

I love you too baby
-kisses your cheek-
Jason's yummy
Jul 18 2010 6:40PM

Hey babe i love yous tew
-hugs tightly
Jul 18 2010 11:05AM

Hey there,
Juss' showwin' some Blakely love back,

Jul 17 2010 10:24PM

uhm.... coolness ^-^
Jul 17 2010 7:16PM

haha, i noticed that lolz
Jul 17 2010 6:58PM

lolz "sooiooo"
what was the "i" there for? xD
Jul 17 2010 6:49PM

(iflu more)
(''beastie'' way) riighhhhhhttt (; xD
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