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Shiz tryin to talk, Chad
About Me:
I'm Keith Jared Lawson..Hi big brother *kayla was here*. Taken <3

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Jul 20 2010 9:44AM
I Love You "Play Mate"
I Couldn't Even Begin To Tell The World How Much I Love You...Those Words Just Don't Exist...But If You Look In My Heart The Only Thing Is You You Take Up All Of It...There's Not Even Space For Peatrich...I'm Way To In Love To Ever Let You Leave But When And If You Ever Decide To I Will Have No Heart Left...Even Though Its Physically Impossible You Have My Heart Like No Other...I Want You To Die With My Heart Because If Your Not In It I No Longer Want It...I Love You Baby Girl
Jul 19 2010 3:32PM
Come on you cant leave please i love you and you mean everything to me always and forever
Jul 19 2010 11:20AM
Oh My Gosh I Love You So ****ing Much..I Told Her About Our Problem And We Talked About It..Shes Amazing<3
Jul 18 2010 7:31PM
I waited all day for her to come on all day and we talk what 10 minutes and boom shes gone *sighs*
Jul 16 2010 3:42PM
Im getting in the shower brb love you<3
Jun 25 2010 5:49PM
Ive been thinking alot lately and i just realized i havent had real feelings for a boy since layne(my ex boyfriend we dated about a year and a half ago)but there have been many girls i dont think im bi anymore =|
Apr 8 2010 6:17PM
hey everyone
ill be back later
Apr 6 2010 7:04PM
Keithy Sicky
and he feels like ****ty.....wheres tasha when i need her...i feel horrible
Apr 4 2010 5:40PM
Duty Calls
My cousin wants to go to the park and im babysitting so adios and please text me back (you know who you are)
Apr 1 2010 8:07PM
12 dayss till the sweet 16 teen
Goes down day by day


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Jan 6 2011 4:05PM

I love you baby-boo always and forever. You mean the world to me and I hope I do to you. We have been together almost a year now.! °•<3•° best year of my life.! K.J.L +C.R.L=ELL AAF
May 6 2010 1:23AM

i miss yew
Apr 30 2010 8:50PM

heyy watz up!?! first time i commented.....:D
Apr 28 2010 5:14PM

keith, you're my bestfriend (:
Apr 23 2010 5:19PM

keith, you're simply amazing (:
Apr 19 2010 7:23PM

happy birtthday (: i loveyou [ bestie style]
Apr 12 2010 8:04AM

hey i love you.
k good you know that
i say YES.
Mar 30 2010 9:16PM

KEITH!!! i love you (: lol (:
Mar 30 2010 9:16PM

KEITH!!! i love you (: lol (:
Mar 29 2010 9:10PM

np keithy
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