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Toronto, Canada
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My Name is Josh And i Live In Toronto Canada Half Of My Time And The Other Half In New York City.. My Parents Arent Together Anymore.... I Can Drive. Im TAKEN :) I Will Not Answer A Message Just Saying Hey
Website: GET ONE!!!!!!!!!

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May 24 2009 10:09PM
<3 Taken
To: XxMarie<3xX A.K.A The most amazing girl in the world! =]
The Most Amazing Girl In The World Stole My Heart..... She May Not think she is Amazing but she makes my heart throbbbbbbbbbb and my tummy fill with butterflies!!! i reallly like her i wont hurt her.... i wont cheat on her ......i am totally likein’ this she amazes me with every word she says she makes me happy With Every breath she takes and I want to be with her for a long time She Is Mine No One elses All You Guys That Dated her in the past WILL Pay and thats a promise if you have broken her heart i will Break you if you have hurt her feelings you will be hurt if you **** up her life or our relationship I WILL Kill you!! **** you all im taken and i love her...!! Now Let Us Be Happy together For As Long As This Is Intended to last I Love You Dear And I Want you to be with me for a long time dont leave me please....... - Love yours truely Josh

Poem for her…..

She Is The One That Stops me from doing stupid things
She is the one that loves me the most
She is the one I want to be with
She is the one im proud to say she is my girlfriend
She is the one that makes me turn my frown upside down
She is the one that I love
She is the one that is mine and not yours
she is the one that everyone adores
she is the one the one for me
she is
Apr 22 2009 8:17AM
Why Are There Blogs About Me
LOL XD!!! WTF?!?!
Hah =] ThanksGirls
Apr 21 2009 9:42PM
I Am Sooooooooooooooo Ugly Face It Im Sickening


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Jun 17 2009 7:55PM

hi best frann!!
Jun 17 2009 3:16AM

Hey there Joshie ^_^
Jun 13 2009 9:09PM

I miss you.
Jun 7 2009 3:55PM

=]. Josh Is Cool.
May 29 2009 4:24PM

hey joshy whats up?? =)
May 27 2009 5:20PM

Aww.! =].
Me tootoo. Haha.
HeatherLove ♥
May 27 2009 5:17PM

Thankss For The Add [:
May 27 2009 4:39PM

Hey :]
whatz up?
May 26 2009 11:55PM

:]. Sammy misses her Joshy. <3
May 25 2009 5:58PM

lol hi josh sister and omg i havent talked to u in forevere
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