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Devin Me Was Bored Lilee Still In The Hospital My Baby Is Not Online So Me Made Another Acount Lol

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Feb 5 2009 1:42PM
Lilee Is In The Hospital,,UUGgghh#2
Ugghhh The Doctors Don't know When She's Gonna Be Okay
What she did was tht one day,,a normal day,
I was upstairs in my room nd so was she
Mom nd dad was at work so we had the place to ourselves
I was listenin to music
And then i heard Screaming
I ran into Lilee's room nd she was cutting herself
I said Lilee,,wtf is wrong?
She didn't say nothing nd kept Cuttng herself
So i calld 911,,,They came nd Took the knife away
And she was tookin to the hospital
She cut her Arms nd Legs hells bad
this happen 2days ago @ 5:19
Then my parents came to the hospital @ 6:30
When i told em wht haoen when they we asn't @ home
nd saw blood
yeah ****ing crazy,,plz,,i usually don't say this,,but plz pray for her
it's not lookin so well
Feb 5 2009 1:38PM
This Is Devin
Come Tlk T Meh
Feb 5 2009 1:37PM
Lilee Is In The Hospital,,UUGgghh
Hey you guys,if u gotta message bckk showing tht was lilee
It was really me cuz i was checkin her messages for her
Okay nd i'm srry how i spazzed out bout the whole killing thing
but i'm telling you i'm no spazzing out when i said
something happen to lilee
nd i'm in the waiting room right now
it's kinda cool how some doc let me use there pc
oh srry,ion know when she'll be better
if u wanna kno more
just ask


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xXThe KnownXx
Feb 12 2009 10:24PM

i'll be the second one to comment.
Feb 5 2009 1:44PM

i'll be the first to comment

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