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<3 can be nice blunt as fuck and i dont give a shit what ppl say about me they just ask for it bitches! <3 Taken. Derrick <3

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Nov 29 2013 7:22PM
Well its winter and its -11 right now so ****ing cold and I hate it. Cant wait to move and be with my boyfriend. It will be the best day and glad to finally be with him. I feel like a middle school girl all bubbly and happy. He is the best thing to ever happen to me. I cant see myself with anyone but him. Im glad to be with him. I love him always and forever. He still loves me after everything we have been through and he accepted my issues and is a real man and not leave me because I ****ed up. He has never given up on me and I will never give up on him. He is my definition of perfect.
Oct 11 2013 10:45PM
ugh someone please message me im bored
Oct 11 2013 10:34PM
Been so busy working and trying to graduate a year early so hard haha singing is going good never thought I sounded good but I do. wish I had someone to help me through it but whatever
Jul 7 2013 1:50PM
work everyday this week but wed. this sucks only one day off oh well.
Jul 7 2013 1:23AM
best day so far
Spending the day with Christina my best friend and it was amazing :) love my boyfriend sooo much. Work is hard but I love it :)
Jun 1 2013 2:47AM
Got a job interview today at 11:30 at Carrs super excited
Apr 30 2013 10:38PM
Oh my god
My dad just told me to fix my hair! What the hell there is nothing wrong with my hair it's amazing he's just freaking out hahahaha
Apr 30 2013 9:42PM
Excited today! Just had my birthday yesterday I am now 17 woot I love it one more year till I'm 18 then I get to leave and go to Cali **** ya b****es!!!
Mar 31 2013 3:24AM
People text me 907-707-8047
Mar 31 2013 2:15AM
Bestfriend dumps me and tells me everyone hates me well that turned around on her. Everyone hates her cause she is a stuck up two-faced lyin b**** and overly cocky and who calls a pregnant 19 yr old a slut when she had a kid at 15 she is totally ****ed up but sooo funny


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i know im sexy!
Sep 16 2014 8:45AM

hey baby girl :) I know you don't really get on here anymore but if you ever do get back on here I just wanted you to see this <3 (even though I do have your number and facebook XD lol oh well :P LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!!! :D XD
i know im sexy!
Jan 9 2013 10:57PM

Just so you know I really do love you
Dec 19 2012 12:06AM

Stopping by 2 say hi
Aug 7 2012 8:11AM

hello sweetheart
Aug 7 2012 7:46AM

Jul 1 2012 6:49PM

Im sorry what i said to you im a really nice friend :)
Nov 15 2011 1:07AM

hey dana i wanna talk to u today please talk to meee
Nov 11 2011 4:50AM

Nov 11 2011 4:02AM

im back!
Nov 11 2011 3:14AM

u are awesome dana!
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