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AsMyLipsTouchedYourNose,YourOnTheTipsOfYourToes.<3, Niger
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12.24.08 <|3 k one thing, im sorry i blew everything out of proportion spencer, im a unforgivable bitch who dosent deserve a friend like you.. And Im Skye******* ( inside joke) And Single (:

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May 4 2010 11:58PM
7 mins in emo heaven (random quiz,,i didnt pick it!!) xD
U reach into the hat and slowly pick up the studded belt.A guy u no named Nathan walks toward the closet and u follow behind. As soon as u close the door he is all over u. U pull back but he doesn't stop. U then think when am i ever goingto get the chance to do this again and u accept that he is all over u. Then as soon as u 2 are in the middle of making out and ur leaned on the door. The door quickly opens and u 2 fallto the ground on toop of each other he quickly gets up and u follow. U are shocked bcuz the person that opened the door was not me it was some slut named Jessica and she is mad u ask wat is going on and he slowly and shyly say " Um ya this is my girlfriend Jessica." As soon as he said that Jessica pulls Nathan away to the backyard and he turns back and says to u call me. U r upset but decide to call him anyway. Yeas pass and u 2 are bestfriends and he is no longer a player anymore bcuz u2 r still dating>>>>>>>>>>if u want?
May 4 2010 11:52PM
what colour am i?? :;;:

You have a mix of different personlaities, but I'm sure they are all great :)
May 4 2010 11:50PM
how emotional i am :;;:
Your cool.

You may be emotional at times but you know how to control yourself in front of people. Good job!
May 4 2010 11:48PM
what typr of weather i am ::
Cloudy skies.

In the forecast for you are some gray days with lots of clouds. You may be lonely or depressed. While its ok to feel sad, the way you are dealing with it may not be the best. Try talking to someone about it. Although you may feel all alone, everyone has their ups and downs, and you may just need some extra help to get back into the ups. And that's all right. Just know that there are many people who care for you and are willing to help.
May 4 2010 11:46PM
the dream i would be <33
Fantasies/Lust Dream
You are the dream that makes your heart beat faster. These dreams usually have a sensual element, or some other type of intimacy. It does not necessarily have to be sensual, it can just be a really intense moment with your dream guy/girl or a real life crush or lover. Sometimes it could be as much as just cuddling in their arms as long as you're close to them. Usually the dreams makes you feel closer with the person you are dreaming about, or wanting something, especially when it can't happen at the moment or ever.
May 4 2010 11:31PM
Its down, MOTHER ****!! damn youtubeers.
May 4 2010 11:21PM
quiz thingy :_

You are definitley emo. Just not overly depressed. You're just a pretty cool person.
May 3 2010 1:02AM
xDDDD i was taking a question thingy and this was one of the questions xD
4. How’s your love life?

1.. Business is good. ;)

2.. The breakup was two years ago and I haven't been able to look at another person since.

3 ..It would be perfect, if only she/he knew I liked her.

4.. I masturbate alone in the dark, crying, fantasizing of a life not quite as depressing as my own.

5 ..I have plenty of sex, too much sex. Why can't I stop?? I'm diseased
May 1 2010 8:41PM
Im gonna be nice to EVERY-un today (:
Apr 30 2010 7:20PM
im an 8 : /
IF YOU'RE BRAVE..copy this and see how people rate you. . 1: Crazy. 2: I'd marry you. 3: Talkative. 4: Sarcastic. 5: lovable. 6: Clubhead. 7: Moody. 8: Dumb. 9: Spoiled. 10: Mouthy. 11: Random. 12: Hot. 13: Funny. 14: Fit. 15: Amazing. 16: Can't live without you. 17: Sexy
Witch one am i?


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Jul 18 2010 9:51PM

Mar 19 2010 3:53AM

Skye I really miss you! Will you please come back nothing is the same without you! Everyone Misses You!(:
Jan 4 2010 5:24PM

I'll miss you alot!
please come back :(
Apr 11 2009 2:00AM

hey buddy
Jan 31 2009 12:20AM

I think i am,,
Jan 31 2009 12:16AM

Well,,you kno Sam? death000000? Well,,umm,,hez kinda,,dead,,and,,my friend and her friend yelled at me,,and,,yahh,,im crying like hell now,,
Jan 27 2009 5:50PM

ur so wierd skye
but ur my best friend
Jan 27 2009 8:40AM

hii lolz . (myself)
Jan 2 2009 12:18PM

just showin ur page some love (sister love) too.
Dec 28 2008 11:03PM

o ok
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