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Shipping off to Afghanistan. Goodbye. ~Justin

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Jul 24 2012 8:19PM
Leaving for good.
This site is so full of fake people. I can't do it anymore. Goodbye to the people I love. You'll be missed. <3
Going to Afghanistan soon. Wish me luck.
May 29 2012 12:05AM
Aka. Kailynn.
She is beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to have her. She is smart. You couldn't match her worth, so don't try. She is sweet. And no one else can compare. I love this girl like she was my little sister, I will always protect her. (I am in the Army, you hurt her, I do have the resources to hunt you down..and destroy you...Just saying) (: This young lady means a lot to me even though we just met. No man is worthy of making her happy, but if you happen to be so lucky, cherish her. She is single (:
Justin Alexander Smith. (:
May 27 2012 4:27PM
Happiest man in the world.
He said yes, my heart cannot describe the happiness that it holds. I have waited for this for so long. He means a lot to me and now I may call him mine.
I will cherish you, Blake Alexander Thompsin.
Love always,
Justin Alexander Smith.
May 26 2012 9:27PM
Why is it every time I come back to this site, something terrifying happens to my family. My sister is in the hospital and I can't be there for her. This is eating me up inside. But I have responsibilities to serve my country. Even though she comes first in my heart. <\3
May 21 2012 12:34AM
No one.
No one can every take his place in my eyes, you can try but you shall never succeed. He means more then the world to me, I have loved him for so long it kills me to be apart from him. I want to make you mine.
May 10 2012 10:37PM
One day.
One day I want him to be by my side,
One day our hearts will collide.
One day I will mean the world to him,
One day my chance's won't be so slim.
One day his smile will shine,
One day I will make him mine.
My poem for him 8> He knows who he is.
May 10 2012 12:01AM
I can't stop smiling...(:
I found him again..I promise I am here to stay, only for you.
Oct 19 2010 8:43PM
I'm So Sorry I Couldn't Come Back On Last Night...I Couldn't Wake My Self Up. I Opened My Eyes At 8:11 And Was Thinking About You Waiting For Me And Being Sad ): I'm So Sorry. (But I Instantly Fell Asleep)
I Will Try And Be On Tonight.
Forgive Me?
Sil Te Plait?
Oct 17 2010 10:32PM
Lips - Kate (:
Hair - Max.Bites
Eyes - Kate (:
Boobs -
Boner - Kate (:
Heart - Josh Delmenico. <3
Smile - Dylan
Legs -
Tummy -
Ass - Kate (:
Abs - Juliet
Whole Body -
G-String -
Nipples -
Boogers - Dylan xD
Oct 17 2010 3:57PM
Time? 12:51 In The AfterNoon.
Name?: Justin
# of candles on last bday cake?: 18
Hair colour?: Dark Brown
Tattoos/ piercings?: Alot Of Peircings.
Scale of 1-5, love your job?: Don't Have One
Fave colour?: Purple
Hometown?: Sacramento, California
Relationship status? Taken <3
Fave food?: Rainbow Cupcakes.
Been to africa?: Do I Look Like I Want Aids!?
Ever loved somebody so much you cried?: Yes....
Ever been in a car crash?: Yes, Nearly Lost My Life.
Croutons or bacon bits?: Bacon!
Sprite or 7up?: 7-Up
Fave movie?: Transformers 1 And 2
Fave toothpaste?: Topol
Fave restaurant?: Deny's
Fave beverage?: Kool-Aid
Fave sport to watch?: Soccer
Ice cream?: Sherbert.
What colour is your bedroom carpet? Tan
Ever done a crime?: Uhm...Not In This Continent >_>
Pick a store you'd max your credit card out on?: Spencer's
What do you do when you're bored?: Get On Here.
Most annoying thing people ask?: How Much Do You Weigh?
Bedtime?: None, But Mostly Around 11
TV show?: Futurama
First kiss?: I Was Saving It For Someone Special...Just Like My Virginity.
Worst enemy is drowning, save them?: Yes, I Would Never Ever Watch Someone Die And Do Nothing, No Matter My Hatred Toward Them.
Any last thoughts?: I Love You.


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Jul 25 2012 3:03AM

im gunna miss you justin:(
i love you<3
Jun 11 2012 12:31AM

\/ what he said .__.
Jun 9 2012 2:43AM

May 29 2012 3:59AM

i believe so....
for now.
-hugs you-
~Alexandra Beth
May 28 2012 11:36PM

Because I was planning on leaving.
~Alexandra Beth
May 28 2012 3:09PM

I love you Mr. Smith.
Haha I'll miss our convos.
You'd cheer me up.
Then I'd try to make you laugh.
Good times, Good times.
I'm going to miss that and you very much.
Keep your head held high.
You'll always be in my heart.
~Alexandra Beth
May 27 2012 9:58PM

Ahh what?
I love monopoly (: I get so competitive
May 27 2012 8:18PM

Sir Justy I just felt like writing something.
You are a sexy person
You are sweet
You are cool
You make me smile
You are funny
You are a great friend
You better be in vegas for our wedding c;
Blake sir dude if you hurt my knight
Oh dear lord I will destroy you
Your pretty face will lose all it's pretty
And possible it's face c;
*hugs Justy*
Your Princess,
Karina Zayne
May 27 2012 7:24PM

Bwaha, I bet.
May 27 2012 7:03PM

That's cool, 'cause I like whipping (: i mean what? haha.
Oh! You caught me<3
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