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Aug 22 2011 11:41PM
i just killed a raccoon when i was driving home :'(
Aug 18 2011 10:56PM
went to the fair tday!!
got me some tappers, yo :D
Aug 17 2011 12:55PM
mcyd's won that round...
my car ish broken thanks to the yellow posts at the mcyd's drive thru... greeeeeaaaat
Aug 16 2011 11:17AM
im back
yeah thats right. my internet is workin again!
Aug 10 2011 8:38PM
random Q's
What color is your favorite hoodie? black
How are you feeling RIGHT now? bored, anxious
'Are you emotional? i guess
Do you like yourself? i guess
Ever been on a train? nopes
Ever been in love? yes :(
Ever walked into a wall? haah yea
Do dislike more than 3 people? hell yea
What is your favorite animal? golden eagle, elephant, greenland shark, mustache monkey :)
Do you remember your dreams? most of the time
What color is your hair brush? purple
Do you sleep with a teddy bear? no, hes a monkey :P
Do you own slippers? yeah and i love em (:
Ever mixed all the sodas from the machine and drank it? no?
Do you wear makeup? sometimes
Do you get annoyed by mosquitoes? YEAH!!!
Do you laugh at just about anything? sometimes. depends on the day
Are you afraid of the dark?: no
Is it easier to forgive or to forget? forgive
When was the last time you yelled at someone? 2 mornings ago
Ever painted each fingernail a different color? no
Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle? yeah
Aug 10 2011 7:41PM
i played halo with my friend today and i kicked his azz 2 outta 3 times xD
it was pretty legit lol
Aug 10 2011 2:03AM
Breaking Benjamin <3
Dear agony, just let go of me...
suffer slowly...
is this the way its gotta be??
dont bury me...
faceless enemy...
im so sorry ...
is this the way its gotta be??
Dear agony...
Aug 10 2011 1:52AM
haha really?
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Aug 9 2011 11:43PM
heyy guys!
im bored haha so message me?? :P
Aug 9 2011 8:54PM
yesterday/last night was very satisfying (:
cant wait to do it again :P


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Sep 10 2009 6:33PM

Aug 26 2009 8:51PM

hey kid =)
Aug 23 2009 7:25PM

shut up! leave me alone! u never listen!
Aug 15 2009 10:15PM

get online! >.<
Aug 13 2009 5:22PM

Not long ago
I gave up hope,
But you came along
You gave me something I could hold on to.
Haha..I ♥ u!And cobra starship! :]
Aug 13 2009 1:20AM

Aug 13 2009 1:11AM

what did i do to u???
Aug 13 2009 12:59AM

watcha doin :)
Aug 11 2009 2:21AM

but i dont
Aug 11 2009 2:19AM

should i care
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