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2-1-09 The Day I Feel in Love I Luv u Babe <333
Im SpEnCeR RaWr

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Jan 19 2009 11:57AM
Im ganna quit
Im done with hurting people Im sorry Later I give the **** UP!
Jan 11 2009 2:06PM
Ima quit for a while im tried of this site.
Jan 11 2009 11:25AM
To Some one I Luv..
I need You Boo
I gatta See you Boo
And the Hearts All
over the World
Tonight Said The hearts
All over the World Tonight
I need you boo (oh)I gatta see you Boo
(Hey)And the hearts all over the world tonight
I said the hearts all over the world Tonight
Hey! Lil Mamma, oh You're a Stunner, Hot..lil Figure, Yes you're a Winner
And im so Gald to be Your's, You're a Class of Your own And,,
Oh, little Cutie when you talk to me I swear my heart drops You're my sweatHeart (:
And im so Gald that You're mine You Are one of a kind You mean to me What
I mean you and Me (: Together Baby There is nothing we won't do
Cause if i got you I dont need Money I dont need Cars Girl,You're all My (: And
Oh Im into You,And Girl No one esle would Do Cause every kiss n Hug You make
me Just Fall in Love And why Now i Know I can't be the only one I bet There heart's
All over the world tonight With love of they life who Feel Wat i feel When I'm
With You with You With You with You with With you (: Girl With you With You with You With You With You
Oh Gurl! I dont want nobody Esle without You their is no one Esle. Sky <33


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Apr 7 2009 2:51PM

Mar 4 2009 10:43PM

SPENCER! talk to me! Omg i wanna know whats wrong! if you ignore you'll never know whats happening and im never talking to you ever again if you dont talk to me.! =(
Feb 27 2009 5:03PM

Bleh. Hi Spencer
Cupcake Massacer
Feb 11 2009 12:16AM

Take you're about me off now! Were NOT DAITING. And dont cuss me out then say sorry you ****ing *****!
Feb 8 2009 10:08AM

Hey :D
Feb 5 2009 11:58PM

Hey SexY haha. Jk.
Jan 25 2009 7:52PM

you.........- screamz -
Jan 20 2009 4:19PM

Common Spencer Don't Leave
JuLiEt <3
Jan 19 2009 9:15PM

ur......Quitting =[
Jan 17 2009 8:07PM

im bored so......Yah.....luvs ya lots
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