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Jades Room., Germany
About Me:
Hi im Dead Aka Emo Teddy Im a
Were Jade is xD =]

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Nov 27 2008 12:10PM
My Baby
My Baby is Jade xD She is Nice Fine And Funny And Awesome I Would never Hurt Her.
Nov 27 2008 12:10PM
What i Wear
Black Emo Skinny Pants and Jeans and Black Hat and Other Colors xD
Nov 27 2008 12:09PM
Hi. I got Stolen on Other account
I maded a New 1 Sence i Couldnt log on


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xxemo chick646xx
Jan 11 2009 11:31AM

Dec 1 2008 4:27PM

hi boo. i love you. i love your profile too. *kisses you* byee byee ^.^
Nov 27 2008 12:42PM

Well i'd take ur 3rd comment spot but that would be rude..

But i did anyways so its okay =]
Nov 27 2008 12:36PM

and ur 2nd =]
Nov 27 2008 12:36PM

Well emo teddy i took ur first comment spot!! haha.. just saying hii =]

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