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Derek•Adam•Andrews. •Best friend-Amy<3 •Age:18 RĪP•~•Darren.Antony.Andrews-<\3 Inbox m if you wanna talk.
Kiss me' before you leave baby

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Oct 13 2010 8:00PM
I think I'm more in love then I was before <3
let me take you on the floor <3
Sep 28 2010 10:27PM
It's the Shizz!
It's Derek here.
****ing haterz beware.
I ****ing love to talk.
I'm Bi.
Pree deec yah? (;
Peace y'all mutha ****aaaasss
Sep 26 2010 1:25PM
I think she's falling for him, but he won't let her love him, because he loves some other guy...

That's confusing
Sep 15 2010 6:34PM
First Ryan. But if Amy dies... I won't be able to handle it .
Sep 15 2010 6:28PM
3 people to worry about. Too bad she didn't know. Maybe that would have changed her decision...? :|
Sep 15 2010 5:47PM
Hannah. I need someone to talk to!!
Sep 15 2010 5:28PM
Well. Maybe if she's alrght again, maybe she'll see how much I do love her , but if she isn't ... Then that's something I cannot handle . I've lost her twice . I'm not going to again
Sep 15 2010 5:26PM
Seems whenever I try to do something right ... I ALWAYS do it wrong .
Sep 14 2010 8:34PM
Broken hearts . Shooting stars . The price we pay for love
Sep 9 2010 1:25AM
Again , I say. Yes my pics fake FFS ! I don't have a laptop 2 comp to actually upload a real one because my bro broke ours . (****) so deal with it


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Sep 1 2010 9:05PM

We might be together right now
But I Love you
Aug 27 2010 10:50PM

Darren im so proud of u :)
you did a great thing

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