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im a adverge 14 yr old but im a emo not a selfharmer tho an like rock music oh and i only just joind

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Jun 28 2009 12:46PM
what wolud u do ?
if u and i wa locked in a room for 24 hour what woud you do?

**** me

kiss me

hugg me

make out with me

play cards with me
Jun 28 2009 12:38PM
Pick one of ur favorite colour:

Pink-Your Sweet
Red-Your evil
Orange-Your a shy person
Black-Your extremly a goth
Green-You love MONEY
Blue-Your cool
Purple-Your mean
Hot Pink-Your soo sweet

Are you 11?This is what you are
You want to know everything thats going on
Are you 12?This is what you are
You love to talk or you talk a lot
Are you 13?This is what you are
Your a hard headed
Are you 14?This is what you are
You bring gossip
Are you 15?This is what you are
You cheat
Are you 16?This is what you are
You care too much
Are you 17?This is what you are
You dont care about anything except for ur important stuff
Are you 18?This is what you are
You dont care about anyone but yourself.

Count starting from 10 and end at 1.Count doing down.10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.Make a wish.If you do this test something good will happen to you and write this in your blog.
Jun 28 2009 12:36PM
why ...
why is life boring why is life o long SO TALK plzz thnks


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