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i am a 13 year old male. i enjoy games and take karate lessons. i am full of energy and some call me a stupid spazz, hpwever i am a highly intelligent young man and do not take disrespect.

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Sep 6 2010 8:57AM
life is no longer worth living i figure if no one cares ill kill my self now so see u later
Jun 12 2010 6:43PM
when i was 6 my mother and father got divorced. my father got custody of me. 5 years later he married my current mom. however things among my family have become stressful and i fear i may relive the worst thing thats ever happened to me. i can only hope things sort themselves out before its to late...
May 31 2010 4:21PM
ahhh summer. it fills me with jow to know i get some time away from teachers and delinquints at school.but it wont lasr forever in the same happiness summer was welcomed i shall welcome the new school year. butfor now ill just chill and play games.


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