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Mar 9 2010 1:25PM
im gonna miss tequila
i luved her
but now she gon like all da other hommies
ima close her account
iif u got anything to say fine
watever, but she aint gon ba able to read it ='(
D.G.K 3/8/10
Tequila A. Carter
we all gon miss u
Feb 28 2010 12:03AM
y do the stupidist things make ppl smile? lol
him: so
me: sooo...
him: mhm
me: yup
him: -half smiles-
me: SMILE!
him: huh?
me: if u dont smile i will rip ur face off and tape it on upside-don
him: lol
me: wats so funny? i dnt get it?
him: lmao
Feb 27 2010 11:17PM
i luv him, he my evrything ;)
Feb 27 2010 11:16PM
i luv him 4eva
From: Numba56
Date: Feb 4 2010 11:04PM
Subject: RE: ey

will u be ma baby girl?

of course
Feb 27 2010 11:13PM
i nvr forgot bout him =(
From: Numba56
Date: Feb 4 2010 11:06PM
Subject: RE: ey

foreva i aint gone letchu go
Feb 27 2010 8:07PM
=( ughhh...idk y
:( im cryin becuase i miss him
Loco was right, if he didnt die i would still be wif him cause he all i think bout
Feb 27 2010 2:41PM
yea i see u haha cause u sittin right next to me
but u go kick ass today gurl, luv u 4evas
Feb 27 2010 2:40PM
hey sexie i hacked u !!!
haha only in luv though
Feb 21 2010 11:46PM
plz and thanx
Feb 21 2010 11:07PM
nasty couz boyfrend juss told me he fucced her.....i really didnt need to kno that...and i almost gaged..
thankyou both so very much


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Aug 15 2010 11:59AM

Dance.dr did love her okay.... i mena like they were freidns so whoever said that he hated her well shutup okay
Jun 21 2010 12:33AM

hi kisses love cody
May 27 2010 1:37PM

heyyy ill miss you just like i miss nicole i love you both very much you like a sis and nicole like a wife i will really miss all of you

the sly guy
Mar 20 2010 2:18AM

u were one of the only ones who knew bout my problems and u always made me smile. i love you forever

-your bud forever sammy
the sly guy
Mar 19 2010 3:46AM

goodbye see you on the flipside  we all loved you except for that retard dance dr or watever but goodbye 
Mar 17 2010 11:06PM

R.I.P you deserve it
Feb 27 2010 9:30PM

lov u baby
Feb 21 2010 10:46PM

hey just showin sum love bff 2 lyf
Feb 19 2010 10:24PM

i like you
love cody
Jan 23 2010 7:06PM

she da hottest girl i ever seen
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