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im jessica, i have a nice personality, but you better act nice, or fuckz off. im taken by the sweetest girl in the world, Emma =] soo thats it, pce bitchez

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Sep 15 2009 7:00PM
what do i care about?
well one thing: i dont care about looks, thats just too ****ing cheap on people
i care about feelings, i do have a heart to share, you better have one to share with back
i care most dearly and lovingly for my gf emma =) love you sweetie
i care about my best friends: including skyla (best friend),chris, and sam
i dont care about fakers and liars, not worth my time
i care about people who are honest, who actually tell the truth and not make **** up
i dont care about people who act and complain about life being a b****, you people arent the only ones with problems!!

and thats about it...
Sep 14 2009 7:57PM
shes a very nice and very kind person,
she is lots of fun, and very cool to talk to
she is in a relationship, so dont ****ing mess with her
or i will have your legs, head, body, arms, hands, and feet all removed from you....
soo bee nice to her, and you wont have any problems with me X)
love you skyla =)
Sep 10 2009 10:12PM
xxxEmo_Sweetxxx (a.k.a. Emma, my sweet gf)
shes a reall sweet girl, she loves to have funn
shes also a very fragile person,
you make her upsett, you have me to deal with b****es.
if you are one of her friends, and she likes you,
you better make sure you act right around her, she doesnt like getting hurt
neither do i...
anyway, if you dont know her, you should, shes very nice and sweet
but dont bother asking her out, shes all mine X)
luve you emma <3
Sep 8 2009 11:33PM
Lovez is more......
lookz, love isnt just something you can say to someone
love is something you feel, towards someone
love isnt just words like, i love you or i miss you,
its more than that, its also feelings on the inside
love isnt just a word, its a truth,
so when you tell someone "i love you"
you better makes ****ing surez your telling tha truth
love isnt just two people ****ing each other
its more than just, its a sense of security and happiness, which few peoplez know nothing about
world has hate, and no love at all
but some people do have it,
and tha people that do have it need to be loved back
love is more than a word,
its much, much more.......
Sep 8 2009 11:27PM
stuffz i hate (read carefully)
lairs, fakers, users, perverted **** headz, sluts, whorez, all of em can go ****in die in hell
war/discremination on gays,lesbians,religion, culture, race
the way our society and government is, its sickening us, someone help us please!!!
Sep 8 2009 7:51PM
in lovez with a girl
i am taken, and dating a girl, dontz like it then **** off
i dontz care what you think >.<
soo boys no asking meh out or any of that ****,
you can mssg me if you wana talk, but talk nice
anyway, i lovez you emma =]
Sep 8 2009 7:38PM
a little about mii
okayz, im jessica, as said before in my lil intro thingy.
im am taken, so boyz no asking meh out >.<
im in lovez with my sweet gf Emma (xxxEmo_Sweetxxx) dontz like it, **** off
ill post more blogz about meh, if you have any other questions, then mssg me
but no perverted or sex stuff, or i will block youz
anwyaz, buhh bye for nowwz!


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Mar 7 2010 9:50PM

heyyz =)
juss thought i tell you mii and samm are dating ^_^
i still miss you =(
i still pray for you,
and i will forever love you =)
god, please watch her, and over us =)
Feb 3 2010 5:32PM

='{ Jessie i mizz yu alreadii ~criez~
i dontz know im gonna do now ='{
whyz did yu have to die?? Whyz?!
Dec 20 2009 10:33AM

jessica ={
i will love you forever and eva =]
you will be missed ={
me and samm will always love yu ='{
~tearz n huggz n kizzez~
Sep 18 2009 7:19PM

=( i hopez soo, he didntz seem soo happyz on tha phone ='{
Sep 13 2009 3:59PM

Yay for comments =] Just here to say that you rule!! 83

- xox Skyla <3
Sep 10 2009 10:14PM

OMGZ!!! ^_^
i luvvz your blog about meh =D =]
yuu are soo sexii, and nice =D ^_^
andzzz i am yours =] foreverz and everz =D
luvv yu =D <3
guitar hero
Sep 8 2009 7:34PM

hey jess just wanted to say hi
Sep 8 2009 7:26PM

Dontz worry, when yuu havz more friendz like meh, you'll have more comments =D ^_^
Sep 8 2009 7:18PM

heyzz sexii!!! =D first to commentz!! ^_^ hhaahaa =P
anywayz lovee youu =D <3

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