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Mar 12 2010 9:20PM
Baybay![[: <33
This Is Marissa Hacking My Love Shaye!
I Gotta Say I Love This Chick Right Here, She's The B-O-M-B!
Haa.[: & She's Gorgeous, Right?
She's Just Stupid When She Says She's Ugly. .-.
Well I Love My Whore, Once Again.[:
Hurt Her, & Your Fuuckin` Dead; I Promise.[:
Bye Darling, I Love You![: <33
Mar 12 2010 9:20PM
Up yours Beotch.
So this is Sara hacking Shayee :)
I have to say, she is one of the most amazing girls I have ever met (no homosexualnesh) ;P
She is my snuggie buddy, so when im cold, she will snuggle me :3
Now where was I...
oh yes, She is ****ing beautiful, Don't let her say shes not. :3
Shes one of my besties :3
Okay well you gotta message her :3
I love You Shaye
Mar 9 2010 4:22PM
God, i love you so fuucking much!
Mar 8 2010 7:54PM
you know who you are -.-
Fxck you, ****.
Your such a liar.
Mar 3 2010 6:56PM
i love you!
Justin, how do i put this in words, i love you.
your so amazing. every time we talk, i feel like everything bad in my life,
is just; gone. i love you so much<3
Mar 2 2010 6:37PM
Don't text me, my phone is out of minnutes.
Mar 2 2010 12:29AM
i love-ethh you.
i miss Justin.
i wish he'd get onn.
Mar 1 2010 11:03PM
Today was alrightt, i lived.
i am bringing up my grades too.
i usually have great grades, they wentt down ferr a while.
now they're up.
i'm really hoping i get into Biola.
All the way in Californiaaa.
but, i don't know.
i love you Justin(:
Mar 1 2010 12:18AM
♥ ///
i feel like i'm dying..
Feb 28 2010 11:35PM
A Poem For Justin♥ [[ i love you, even if this poem sucks ]]
A Poem For Justin<3
i love you.

Morning and Night,
You run through my mind.
Your words like lyrics, flow through my head.
Leaving me speachless, with no where to turn; Except into your arms.
I'm so lost in your eyes, your love and your charm.
Every second we speak, i thank the lord.
because he gave me a boy, that i don't deserve.
know you will always have, a place in my heart;
Forever and always, may we never part♥


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Mar 12 2010 10:25PM

uh friggaliggin nuhuh!
its possible <3
Marissa. <3
Mar 12 2010 10:00PM

While I was hacking you I deleted my old account off your friend list, & added this one. [:
I'm so silly aha.

Love you Shaye love! <3
Shayla Kay. <3
Mar 10 2010 4:35PM

I love you more than Justin.
But, I need to talk to you.
It's about Kaelin.
And Koda..
Shayla Kay. <3
Mar 8 2010 8:18PM

Feb 27 2010 12:36PM

I love you more <3
Feb 21 2010 5:58PM

Shaye Marie Hudson;
is truly, one of my bestfriends on this hole planet, in my top, ferrsure.
so if you hurt her i will fucck you up. no questions asked.
i trust her 100%. i can tell her anything, i mean anything.
i hope she knows she can tell me anything, if she told me the sky is falling.
shiit i would believe her.
without her, i don't know were i would be in life.
she says the most funniest things, that make me giggle.
we talk & laugh about the most random things.
she makes me soo fuccking happy, she can turn my hole mood around like that.
she is like a sister to me.
i am soo lucky to have a friend like her.
i love you so much, Shaye.
remember that <3

~EmMa xoxo♥
Feb 21 2010 5:40PM

i know :] i saw it.
it made me giggle c:
i commented back to it, on my pictures.
Feb 20 2010 10:27PM

Aha Thanks Shaye :)
Love You Too
You mean a lot to me too<3
Shayla Kay. <3
Feb 20 2010 7:17PM

Feb 17 2010 6:25PM

i love you so much more;
i like that you say it, it makes me smile :]!
your fuuckin' amazing too, like REALLY.
i love you now, & i'll love you foreverrr too.
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