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Jun 16 2010 3:23AM
To Alex ;
Nice. :D
Jun 7 2010 3:18PM
My poem.
She is alone in her room
Cold and in pain
Palms clutching a blade
Songs getting to her ears
Tears rolling down her chin
As memories came flashing back

A love so sweet and true
She has treasured for so long

It was his birthday then
Hence, she planned to visit him
She brought him an electric guitar
With initials you and me
The night was young and the waft so calm
It brushed her heart and soul
Hence to greet him in surprise,
She is expecting.

She went to his house with the guitar in her hands,
Hoping he will like her gift
Then she climbed the stairs and went to his room
Though, there she stood surprised.

Two persons lay stripped on his bed
Thus, having some sweet lovemaking
The gentleman she recognized as him
But the woman was a stranger.

She stood like a rock there on her track
As sore tears fall down from her eyes
She dropped her gift with a thud on the floor
And that made them stop.

She ran from his house and went to her house
And there she locked herself in her room.
Her heart was broken and her soul unspoken
As she cry her weeping heart.

To see him on his bed with another girl-
Not her.

The music kept playing her heartbeats empty tune
As she recalled their once happy days
How they used to be perfect like partners in crime,
Spending and enjoying their times as one.
With every moment like unending sensation
They lived their love’s commitment.
But tonight was diverse, it was all diverse
Since she saw his hush-hush treason.

Now she is here alone in her room
With the music playing her heartbeats empty tune
The songs get to her ears,
Her eyes producing tears.

Tonight will be just fine
As she is ready to end her life
No more gloomy and agonizing moments
Will ever come her way

The blade pierced her skin
Like the way he pierced her heart
But its okay since she no longer feels the pain.

Tonight she may die
In pace requiescat


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