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IM THE Juggalo Wicked Killa A.K.A the JWK


Nov 17 2010 4:55PM
2 more added
new joker card the the 2nd card of the 2nd deck will soon be a new member 2 the dark carnival Faith THis card is called The Mighty Death Pop so yes juggalo's the Bang! Pow! Boom! is the not the seventh Jokers card but its the first of the new 6
1: Carnival Of Carnage
2: The Ringmaster
3: The Riddle Box
4: The Great Milenko
5: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers: Jake and Jack Jeckel
6: The Wraith: Shangri-la and Hells pit
7: Bang! Pow! Boom!
8: The Mighty Death Pop!
Oct 18 2010 9:40PM
Red Mist
I got 'em in my sight
Aimin' right between his eyes
Fiending for the sight of blood
Squirting when the bullets fly
Decapatatin' mother****er with that heavy ammo
Posted up on rooftop dressed in black latetes and camo
A crazy insane sniper with an appetite
For that crimson tirents arteries or introduce the light
And no, i cannot cope' unless i see it in my scope
Fallen to your knees and that red mist leaves your throat
Oct 18 2010 5:04PM
Whoop Whoop
i am a Juggalo With Alot of Clown Love for my Fam if anybody has a problem with that then you can go **** yourself. our family doesnt care what people think of us. we live our lives like we want to live it. the only thing that pisses me off is the ****ing pigs calling us a gang. WE ARE FAMILY. Juggalo for life. WHOOP WHOOP!
Oct 17 2010 10:56PM
Mass Murder Make Me Happy.
Dead Bodies Make Me Happy.
Say What You WIll Of Me.
I'll Always Have Juggalo Family
Oct 17 2010 10:38PM
The WICKED KILLA reppin the Hatchet For all my Juggalo Fam in the 563 Keep it Wicked Homies
Oct 7 2010 7:51PM
**** U
BOO b****
Oct 3 2010 1:04PM
J-U-Double G-A-L-O-S
Oct 2 2010 10:59PM
Dr. Faygo
Black Cherry
Black Cherry and Raspberry
Blue Raspberry
Candy Apple (discontinued) (recontinued later)
Centennial Soda (Blueberry cream)
City Soda
Champagne Kola
Chocolate Creme Pie Soda
Club Soda
Coconut Cream Pie
Cotton Candy
Cherry Cola
Creme Soda
Diet Chocolate Cream Pie
Diet Frosh
Diet Raspberry Creme
Diet Red Pop
Diet Orange
Fruit Punch
Ginger Ale
Jazzin' Blues Berry
Key Lime Pie
Kiwi Strawberry (non-carbonated)
Mango Tango
Moon Mist
Moon Mist Green
Moon Mist Red
Moon Mist Blue
Morning Mist
Oct 2 2010 10:47PM
hahahahahaha no point in tht **** u speak
was up ppl hate if u want i dnt give a ****
go ahead and tlk **** if it makes u happy even tho u know tht im not careing hey go ape **** about
ur insaults make me smile cuz knowing imma Juggalo is good enogh for me atleast i got ppl i can count on no matter wat goes down so ha b****


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