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Name:Dakota Lynn Age:Not Telling Relationship Status:Engaged To Kayden Young(: About Me:Alot of things.(:

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Jul 30 2010 5:22AM
This Suckz!!
I Lost My Nanny(grandma)
A couple of days ago..
Ive been crying ever since then..
Thats Why I Havent been on..
Well Idk anymore
Jul 23 2010 3:04AM
I just got 2 Tattoos.
A heart and baby foot prints.
Heart ish on my hip...
Foot prints r going up my side..
All for my babygirl Madison Alyssa(:
Now im bored...
Message Me Please..
I swear im nice and sweet..
I dont bite...
Okay i do but not hard(:
Okay i bite hard too(:
-Dakota Lynn The Vampire(:♥-
Jul 21 2010 2:11AM
About Me(:
Dakota Lynn ish the name...
Im Emo...Bisexual..
I was Born on August 15....
I have a baby....♥
Her name ish Madison Alyssa..(:♥
She ish 11 months old.(:♥
I have 2 brothers and 1 sister
Ashton Trent-19 older brother♥
Taylor MaKenzie-16 oder sister
Tyler Tristan-16 older brother ♥
Taylor and Tyler r twins...
I Cutt and Smoke...♥
I drink..(every now and then)
Madison ish my Life!!♥
I go to school..
I hate it...
My Bestfriends:Jakey,Rain,Kaylee,Addison,Haylee,Jessica,Lauren,And Jared(:
I hate Drama...
It brings out the ugly in people(:
Im not ur normal teenager♥
I hate stuck up b****es...
I bite...(hard)
Im Single And Looking(:
Im Shy..
When im nervous i talk alot...
But dont piss me off and we can be friends(:
-Dakota Lynn-


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Jul 30 2010 5:10AM

Hey BayBay..
I Miss Yew Alot.
Like Alot Alot..
And I Love You BayBay♥
Jul 22 2010 10:28PM

Yew Still Gotta Bite My Arm
Just Saaayingg [:
Jul 22 2010 12:12AM

First comment <3,
I call virginaity (:
I fu.cking love you babe <3

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