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Jun 9 2014 12:15PM
The Cult of the Great Stromboli.
I have been spoken to by the great Stromboli. He is an eternal and shapeless being. He told me to gather all who believe in him and form a church.

"Meatball. Meatball. Spaghetti underneath. Ravioli. Ravioli. Great Barrier Reef!"-Chant of the Great Stromboli.
May 26 2014 8:23PM
That Shippy Ship that Ships... SHIPPY
This ship will only grow as more people deny.
May 26 2014 8:12PM
Ship Sails Over Iceberg
GinnyWeasley, you keep proving your tsunderetude. Go with the ship.
May 26 2014 8:09PM
Ship Much?
Do you people not realise that shipping is putting two people together? Relation"ship."
May 26 2014 8:02PM
Ship Pic
It's... perfect.
May 26 2014 7:59PM
Ship is Going Far.
How the hell did we use up so much time arguing about an online ship?
May 26 2014 7:55PM
I (Ship) LIED!!!
Ryan, you seem to have a mild knowledge of the English language yourself.
May 26 2014 7:48PM
I'll Stop Putting the Word Ship in my Post Titles.
Total tsundere.
May 26 2014 7:41PM
The Unsinkable Ship
Your anger only proves my point of you being a Tsundere.
May 26 2014 7:36PM
Ship Sailing
Tsundere much, GinnyWeasley?


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