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My name is Emilee,Single once again, Llike fourwheeler riding, hanging with friends and the beach.MUSIC!

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Jun 9 2011 5:02AM
****in caterpillar
i was helping clean the yard, grad a dead branch and i squished a hairy, spiny caterpillar. I wasnt wearing gloves so now my left hand first three fingers are stinging and swollen. I used tape to get the spines out ( that was a b****!), but after the ice it felt better. NOW i have dots all over my hand where the spines when in.
Jun 9 2011 4:58AM
Back on live!
Since i moved, ive gotten rid of xbox live but i got it back.. anyone who wants to be friends tell me your gamertag or mine is TripleE15! ADD ME!!!!!
Oct 1 2009 10:03PM
My Birthday
I'm so excited! My birthday is on Wednesday, October 7. also getting my permit in Janurary 2010.
Jul 2 2008 8:55PM
Why im sexy
Im sexy for many reasons Im hot, Im finally single, and many people have asked me ask that dont even know me on myspace. I enjoy it, But some of them need to get a life. So anyone that wants to be my friend send me a request and if you think your sexy tell me and i will accept it.
Jul 2 2008 4:03PM
Summer(party time)
It's Summer, The greatest time of the year(next to Christmas)JK! I have been looking forward to summer all year, But summer has some disadvantaging for me. Like 4 reasons. 1. I don't get to see all my friends from school. 2. Summer is lots of fun, But Doing the same thing everyday is a little boring. 3. I had some great teachers in 6th ad 7th grade, The best teacher i have every had is probaly Mrs. Thompson.(She got married last winter, So now her last name is Misio). And 4. I wish i had a video camera and video taped the whole last day of school.
Jul 2 2008 3:51PM
My xbox love live!<3
MY XBOX LIVE, Its interesting and pretty Amazing.Friends on live who have use to and/or still do. Darren(Iginla3000), Kyle(low roller), Heri(Germines16), Andres(MDN666), Austin(Sgt puddin), Luke(Luke aka master) James (Trusted Marine) Jake(Infernox) Tyler(13 E A S Tx) William(Turd) Daniel(IRONxLUNGS). Thats all i can think of. The only ones i have gone out with is Kyle and Luke. I use to have a crush on a couple of these people, But we liked each other at different times.


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hey! whats up??? comment back
Jul 3 2008 1:45PM

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