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Jul 1 2012 6:01PM
Jun 27 2012 8:54PM
Ladies and Gents, Whores and Sluts
Well my dear this is Jayde
I'm Jerezilla's unicorn owner
This boy is a ****ing freak
In a good way a very good way lol
He is my best friend
He'll make you smile and laugh
and honey if you lay a finger on him
I'll tear you god damn hair out and destroy you
Jere I love you and I love our convos
Never change c:
Jun 27 2012 8:33PM
Stfu hoe and deal with it
Hey it's Alex!
No not alex..
b**** pronounce my name right.
Alexnadra Beth hackin' yo' ass (;
Get used to it alright?
This is my nigga ;o
*grandma walks in*: alexandra beth did you just say that
no grandma.. shut up im writing a blog.. >_>
anyways this is one of my friends.
you can't hurt him.
you hurt him i hurt you.
No flirting with him unless you Sammy ;D
love ya sammy o;
and and i love you jere o;
bffffffff for life >;o
this be my skank (;
Okay I'm done now.
You may never ever delte this one whore.
I'm not making a new one!
Jun 27 2012 8:12PM
Hewwo boo c:
Hello, Jeremy's girlfriend here. (Sam)
So since the day i met you we've been hella close, you're like my best friend too.
i like how i can act my total self around you, ya know? the weirdo i am.
we fight, we argue it's all crap, to be honest. but some how it brought us to where we are today.
together <3
Are you an alien? cause you abducted my heart? (; used that one on you the other day, aha. Okay, well i have NO idea what to say, but you're amazing. you have your bad times, but i'm still here.
alright, i hope you like this (idk if you will er not)
but, i love you jayjay<3
Love, Sam.

P.S. anyone touches my man, you're dead *:
Jun 14 2012 9:40PM
Guess what.
Hi <3
You're amazing, I don't know how i can get through days without talking to you.
I make you feel like a tree, cause my shortness, But you love it. uhmmmmmmmmm, maybee.
Haha. I don't really know what to write.
You cheered me up alot today, and i can't thank you enough for it. My life is so much better with you in it, and i never want to image you not in it.
remember, i always love you. [as a friend]
Ok, this is enough.
Love, Sam (:


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Jul 1 2012 8:51PM

Yeah shes right you cant damn quit T^T
Jul 1 2012 7:31PM

:) 4fun
Jul 1 2012 1:10PM

-gives you a teddy- now you do o.o
it humps. (;
:) 4fun
Jul 1 2012 11:37AM

Yes you do, liar T-T
StuckOnLove x3
Jul 1 2012 9:26AM

Yes you are!!
They keep crying for you,
And Jeremy Jr started doing drugs! XD
StuckOnLove x3
Jul 1 2012 9:06AM

You are neglecting our children!
*shoves the unicorn drawings in your face*
You have to pay child support xD
Or take them on the weekend lol
:) 4fun
Jul 1 2012 1:02AM

Hiaa I'm Lie-izz and I ****ed your wall and your teddy bears xD
:) 4fun
Jul 1 2012 1:01AM

- ****s your wall- aww yeah
Jun 30 2012 10:05PM

hide yo wife hide yo kids hide yo wife
Jun 30 2012 5:58PM

tayla's climmbing in you windoes snaching yo people up so hide yo kids
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