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if i was you i would stay away from me.

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Jun 12 2010 2:54AM
Ravlee is only a week old now she was born early but she is ok
Jun 6 2010 8:43AM
My sister!!!
My sister will be born in 11 days!!! I can't wait it's soo exiciting!! Mum and dad already have a name and everything. She is going to be call ravlee shella moon! Her first name is a mix of mums and dads name and her second name
is a mix of my nanas names and her surname is the same as mine!!
Jun 5 2010 8:05PM
I got adopted!! By the best person ever! And I have a sister on the way too!!!! Can't wait!
Jun 2 2010 2:22PM
hes gone to a better place
Thomas david morgan 1958-2010 died today he has now joined katie mary moon 1969-2004 and mattew jorden moon 1961-2007.

goodbye uncle Thomas. i miss you and enjoyed my time with you in tranysvania.
Jun 2 2010 10:03AM
another boring day being me.
Jun 2 2010 5:19AM
I am bored someone talk to me. I don't bite!
Jun 2 2010 4:58AM
the chatroom is sooo boring no one ever goes on it :( so half the time i am in it and i am the only one (example: NOW)
Jun 1 2010 3:51AM
i am bored and theres no school because my uncle said i could have a day off so thats good!!
someone talk to me please!!! lol
May 31 2010 5:09PM
Hated by everyone. !!!
Why are people scared of me? I hate being stuck here!!!
May 31 2010 2:59PM
hey feel free to ask me anything about where i live and stuff i dont mind :)


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May 31 2010 5:12PM

hey friend:)
May 31 2010 12:58PM

hey, welcome 2 this site!! :)

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