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I kinda quit., Canada
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Justin Bieber sucks. 'nuff said.

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Nov 22 2010 11:06PM
Crawling in my skin
These wounds they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real
Nov 16 2010 4:33PM
Poor Brendon!!
I hope you get better!DD:
I really hope they don't scar!
Nov 6 2010 10:09PM
Tonight, at Brendon`s house is..
Dylan, Jonah, Raylena, Brendon, Liam, Jake, Raegan, Matt, Dan, Seth& me.
Jun 23 2010 8:15PM
Frankie -
Hes so annoying (:
I love him though.
Hopefully he gets the surgery and doesnt have to be put down :l
Jun 23 2010 7:59PM
Theres soo many creeepers on mfg, its ... liike.. noo.
Jun 5 2010 9:45PM
Wow holy **** kid
They do 'cause they wanna.
They're not gunna stay and talk to one person.
It ISNT all about YOU.
May 15 2010 3:34AM
Jorma Taccone & Andy Samberg
Make my entire life lmao!
Apr 24 2010 5:54PM
The point - eatmewhileimhot
You can do whatever you want your not stuck with me Ill tell you one thing we'd make history you, you and me

Your getting closer now, it's getting better now but your still so far gone

And I am to the point where I don't even wanna know where you are or where your goin baby (ooo)
Same old story
I am to the point where I dont even wanna see
Your face anymore, anymore

I don't wanna live with regret which is why my life is a mess when all you want is more
[more more more]

Your getting closer now, stilll getting better now
But your still
But your still so far gone


Your so far gone
But im moving on

I, I never, never felt so alive without, without you by my side
I never, I never felt so alive
I'm so glad I left you behind
Apr 20 2010 6:04PM
Its 420 Today!!!! :P
Apr 15 2010 6:53PM
Seriously ?
He adds the girls who pose as girls holding there boobs or naked girls and stuff.
Are you kidding me !?
Wow. What a weenie.


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Aug 30 2010 7:18AM

log on more often!
Aug 18 2010 12:25AM

You finally reply 2 my comment after 2 MONTHS!?!??!?
Jun 26 2010 6:18PM

Jun 25 2010 2:29AM

Shanks for yesterday deary.
We needa hang more (:
Jun 24 2010 3:33PM

lol thx xP
Jun 12 2010 3:06PM

:P xD
Jun 7 2010 3:11AM

what if it was chocolate monkey a$$? that would taste better
Jun 6 2010 2:23PM

DO DO DO DO idk im just really board
Jun 5 2010 2:16PM

Lolz toasters are always there for u :D
May 28 2010 11:59PM

What if toasters could talk
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