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Feb 7 2010 1:06AM
Damn damn damn
All you ****ing fakes make me wanna puke.
Get a life!!
If your so upset with yourself
get of the comp put the form down and make yourself pretty!
You people think going to the last page of google will help
your mistaken b****!!!
I'm not a mean person, insure your personality is great!
But be yourself! Why the hell did god make you if you aren't gunna show yourself!!!?
Jan 23 2010 12:31AM
My sissy chance!!
My sister is single peple!!
She's straight, likes romantic sweet kinda FUNNY guys,
she is a hippie!
She recycles, cares about the world and animals and people!
She's a veggie tew!
She's always up for a good time though!
Jan 21 2010 9:33PM
i dont have good news....
Sara WON the fight!! And i have an amazing boyfriend((:
I cant explain how GREAT:D i feel (:
Jan 20 2010 6:42PM
Hey homie(:
I'm such a gangsta!!
Haha(: I like to think so^^
Jan 20 2010 6:35PM
Sara fights for me tomorrow!!
Good luck!! I'm here for you chick!!(:
Jan 18 2010 5:32PM
Sara fights for me in a few days!
At least I get to watch and be ther for her!!(:
She's doing amazing at training!!
Good luck Sara!!!
Jan 17 2010 10:43PM
My dolphin lola!!
I'm ridin on a dolphin! Doin flips n ****!
This dolphin splashin gettin everybody all wet!
But this ain't sea world! This is as real as it gets!
I'm ridin ona boat! Don't you ever forget!!!!!! XD
Jan 17 2010 8:55PM
Okay, So. My opinion on drama.
If it's WORTH fighting the love of your it.
But if its the whole, he said she said ****...
Seriously, I come home with more and more dramma every night.
Im saying, Dont bring it to me unless its worth it!
Im not trying to be b****y or rude, But GROW UP!
I can spell it out for ya..
G-R-O-W U-P!!!!!!
Jan 17 2010 4:33PM
You'll never gues what!!
I'm crushing on this REALLY amazing guy(:
I don't wanna rush things ( advice from a littles girl)
I really like him(:
Jan 17 2010 2:56PM
Suck my cock coach faggot!
He worked me to hard at the gym!! now I can't fight):
he made me run up and down the stair 30 times.
And.I lifted weights! I pulled 5 muscles!:(
no fighting for me!
Sara my bff is taking my place!
Show no mercy Sara!!!!


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Feb 7 2010 1:42AM

ohh yo... o.o? >.> oh no
Jan 31 2010 4:24PM

lolz i haven been on in a while
Jan 24 2010 11:57PM

woopie i got money
Jan 24 2010 9:55PM

I love you sissy!
Feel better!
Jan 23 2010 1:11PM

Jan 22 2010 10:33PM

lolz ur my bestie ash and ur awsome i wuffles u (fanns way)
Jan 22 2010 8:42PM

nm ash
Jan 22 2010 8:32PM

i ated it sorryyy lol
Jan 21 2010 11:52PM

Jan 21 2010 5:20PM

okz ash
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