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Jul 3 2011 4:36AM
About Me. :)
My name is Tatum Michelle Jones. I'm 5ft6in and weigh 111lbs. i'm a tiny:3
I have BIGGG brown eyes O.O
I love singing and playing music. I also love art. From doodling to creating a masterpiece.
I'm terrified of spiders.
I'll say pretty much anything without the fear of being hit
I love making new friends soooo talk to me :
I have a panda pillow pet. I could drink Powerade for the rest of my life o.o My favorite candy is air heads
I have spider bites on my lip (2) I have a nose ring. I have two piercings in each ear. And my cartilige :D
I'm straight edge, no drugs, no alcohol, none of that mess :) I've had every hair color possible
I love doing weird stuff to see peoples reactions I write all over everything! Even my walls in my room. I enjoy photography and modeling
If you've actually read this far, I love you.I love everyone, but I may dislike a few people. I like bubbles and bubble gum. I have NO idea what I wanna do with my life.
Now message me?
Mar 24 2011 11:15PM
Tatum Tatum Tatum<3 What can I say about Miss Tatum<3
Well from what I know she's Gorgeous Sweet Nice Awesome
Amazing Funny And Just Pretty Swell if you Ask me :] Like I would
HIGHLY! recommend that you get to know this girl because she's
just really awesome :] Now she May be think WHAT!?? is this girl
talking about but What I say is true<3 AND! TATUM! Can't believe
you haven't seen transformers! like CHICK! you need to see it ha ha
AND Grape juice is amazing huh?? xD Well I'm Not really sure what
else to say so I think I will end this ^__^ Well Bye bye <3
-Hannah Marie<3
P.S. Message This Sexy Chica<3
Mar 20 2011 9:30PM
And the rest....
I don't think I'm fat, but I don't think I'm skinny
I have extremely low self esteem about my appearance
But I know that inside, I'm a good person
A lot of people judge me on what they hear without getting to know me.
If you are one of those people, give me a chance.
I have really amazing friends that are always there for me and make me laugh
They may not think I'm sane but they like that i'm kinda crazy
I know how to make people laugh easily
I love cats
I play tennis
It feels so much better to be happy
Most of my friends are guys because there's less drama
I think that music can save someones life
It can also make them feel worse
Lady Gaga is amazinggg
I like going on walks
but i hate going deep into the woods on an "adventure" >.>
I think while i'm in the shower
You can't read my poker face
I honestly don't care if people disagree with me
I love big bows and bright colors
I've had every color hair you can think of
My nose ring was my first piercing.
My big brother is like my best friend
My first word was Bubba
I have a lite brite
I'm almost a senior but I feel like a kid
I cut up my clothes because I like look clothes
I don't care if I match
Alex is my best friend
And I am just Tatum. Love me?
Mar 20 2011 9:30PM
Somethings about me(:
My name is Tatum Michelle Jones(:
I enjoy art: sculpture, painting, drawing
I'm 5'6 and I weigh 111, i'm tiny :3
I make wishes at 11:11
I like to sing even if I can sing well
I would do anything for my friends
I like to make others happy before myself
I'm a very open person
But to those that mean most to me, I bottle things up
I have an obsession with doodling on everything, even my walls
My blog knows more about me than most people haha
I hate math & science
I love Art, History, and English
I love gay people, they're so awesome
I delete people who don't talk to me
I love to write, and I do often
I have NO idea what I'm going to do when I'm older
I like to read
I'm known as the "weird kid" at school, i enjoy this title
I like to wear cat ears
My pants are insanely tight
I am very awkward
I was born with messed up knees and hips so i walk funny!
People make fun of me for it :(
I don't regret much, because everything made me stronger!
I also have tons of posters and pictures on my walls
I can be the most outgoing person you've ever met
I can be the most annoying person you've ever met
I can be the most shy person you've ever met
I can be you're best friend
But a lot of people have told me that I actually have a wonderful personality
I don't think I'm ugly, but I don't think I'm beautiful


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Jul 4 2011 4:09AM

Tatum, Tatum, Tatum(;
so, here i am writing on here
and leaving you a special message
hmm.. what to say, what to say??..
well.. i shall name three reasons
why i think your an awesome kid
i like that your a great person
i like that you have a great personality
i like that your super cute :3
anybody would be lucky to have you(:
and i say that with complete honesty & stuff
well.. i'm lucky that i met you cause your super nice & cool(:
well.. bye for now & stay charlesome(;
okay, bye Tatum(: <3333

i almost posted this on my facebook wall xDD
Apr 22 2011 12:03AM

i know a secret..
shh.. nobody can know..
that im magic :3.. yes it is true ..
i have the ability to turn frowns into smiles :)
i hoped my magic worked on you..
stay superfly B-).. stay cool... and stay in school ;D
Apr 12 2011 8:42PM

Happy Birthdayy<3
Apr 12 2011 7:51PM

Tatum! Happy Birthday!
You should get on more >=[[
Apr 12 2011 2:42PM

Mfg said it was your b-day.
Mar 24 2011 5:25PM

hulloh there dearest.
me and you have had some pretty crazyyyyy times.
good memoriess
Mar 20 2011 9:15PM

Tatum =]]
I love your playlist(only cause a pic it dedicated to me)
Your an amazing girl.
Im glad i got you to join.
Cause im just awsome like that!

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