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Pics are in the link :3 anything else, hmu. :p

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Jan 14 2014 1:44PM
3 months, 27 days
We miss and Love you Tatum. It's a Whole Different Year Without You.
-Alix (hottie411)
Oct 21 2013 4:13PM
1 month, 4 days ago..
You left this world...we all love and miss you tatum ... r.i.p
Oct 10 2013 9:23PM
I miss her...
I miss calling her, and texting her, and loving her, and wanting to hold her 24/7.
I miss you tatum.
Oct 1 2013 3:50PM
R.I.P. Tatum Gregg. :'(
I was looking for why she hasn't messaged so I went on here cause she told me her password and... I can't believe she actually did it. :'(
I'll miss her. :'(
I probably won't get on here anymore, so bye mostfungames.
Sep 17 2013 3:06PM
Out of here!
Goodbye all and all here reading this. I'm done. Literally done. I'm done playing this damn fake smile on my ugly ass face.
I have this razor and these pills i"m gonna take soon enough. So don't worry about me, none of you will.
Goodbye world..
Aug 28 2013 5:26PM
Natalie Merchant-my skin
youtube.com/ watch?v=OkvVr6n1cGk
Jul 23 2013 2:42PM
I have no one to talk to anymore. X3
Jul 22 2013 4:41PM
sooo freaken bored. Someone talk to me?? :3
Jul 22 2013 1:31PM
I hate this website. But it's the only place I can actually post how I feel. -.-
Feb 20 2013 7:12PM
Rest in Peace!
I always looked forward to your awkward but hilarious status's on facebook. :/
R.I.P Skylar Gregg!!


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Jul 15 2013 4:51PM

Oh also by the way. You are super gorgeous! I'm so glad I have such a cutie for a friend. =)
Jul 15 2013 4:49PM

You double DURPED ME?! :OOOOOOOO You cray girl xD
Jul 12 2013 2:40PM

Heh, secret word for the two best friends that will never die.
Jul 12 2013 2:34PM

I miss you!
Feb 15 2013 8:13PM

guitar hero
Feb 7 2013 4:43PM

sorry tats mass effect 3 has a better ending than twilight
Jan 1 2013 4:32PM

Sounds Legit.! XD
Dec 30 2012 5:42PM

WTF is Christnas??!?!1
Dec 25 2012 9:04PM

Twinker Tot says
Merry CHristmas!!!!
Dec 18 2012 8:37PM

hello new friend^.^ lol
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