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Hey everyone. Tanya here. Just a few things you should know about me: I do not do well with people who piss me off. Secondly: I can be really nice and sweet when I wanna be so just don't piss me off ;)

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Nov 20 2015 6:48PM
Lmao flashback
Lol I remember this account bahahaha
Dec 7 2014 6:06PM
Hmu to have a good time :)
May 12 2013 4:59PM
ok so i havent been on here recently. thats due to being really busy. plus instagram kinda took over my computer time :) Anyway feel free to message me anytime!
Jan 12 2013 5:20PM
F*** This
I'm about ready to say **** TO THE FRIENDSHIP with my old friend Sarah. She's been nothing but a b**** lately and now he has gone too far. You're going down, asshole!
Dec 6 2012 5:10PM
at library
ok so I am at the library and have a 60 minute session, so meassage me!
Nov 12 2012 12:02PM
Hey everyone I'm bored and if you wanna make my day you should message me ;)
Nov 8 2012 7:10PM
Guys, girls, whoever, PLEASE message me and you can ask ANY question in the world and I promise I'll answer! Please hit me up!
Nov 7 2012 3:00PM
People say: "you only live once".
That's not true: you live every day.
What they should say is "you only die once"
Nov 4 2012 6:01PM
Hey ok so I have been really sad and bored because no one is paying any attention to me so please message me!!!!
Nov 1 2012 4:58PM
havent been on in a while, but i will be more so fire up the inbox yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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May 23 2012 4:45PM

hey girl wats up nm here and u should message when im on someday
May 6 2012 3:02PM

you are acting really WIERD.
Apr 15 2012 3:34PM

heyy. besties 4 eva i guess
Apr 6 2012 4:40PM

Heyyz !!
:) 4fun
Apr 6 2012 4:36PM

Hey!! You're really nice :))
Apr 6 2012 2:23PM

HEY!!!! You are freakin the "bomb" lol lol
anyone mess with this chick
ima beat you :P
That Girl
Apr 4 2012 6:12PM

Heyyyy! We shud like totally talk more you're way to awesome for me to ignore!
Apr 2 2012 6:00PM

lotr rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
That Girl
Feb 19 2012 1:27PM

Heyy! I now own this page! <3 bestfriend
Feb 19 2012 9:10AM

heyyyy :P
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