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yo guys im back and i feel old

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May 31 2015 11:17PM
Damn this **** is old
man this site i used to be on here 24/7 as a kid
Nov 1 2013 3:46PM
i hate it when people message you then dont reply back when you reply
Aug 27 2013 9:48PM
why is it when i cant sleep i get on here thinking someone would be on and it always nooooooo
Feb 2 2013 4:19PM
Okay so bored right now somebody message me lol
Sep 12 2012 1:30AM
Climbing the Mountain
Adrenaline is coursing through your veins as you climb higher and higher. You're sweating so much that it looks like your whole body is sparkling when the sunlight shines upon you. Reaching up you grab onto the next hold and move your foot into that solid rock. You look up and see the end. It's been a long and hard climb. Looking around there is no other footholds or places where you can grab onto. So you take a deep breath and look up. You think to yourself "I can only live once and I'm going to live this life to the limit. Even if it kills me." Keeping your hips as far away from the wall of rock as you can. You angle your hips then push off and up as hard you can. You reach up higher and higher. That moment in time when you are suspended in space makes you feel like your stomach has dropped but that feeling ,as scary as it is, gives you that last burst of adrenaline. As quick as that feeling comes your fingers latch onto the ledge and you pull yourself up onto the top of the mountain. You dig down deep and let out loud sigh. Reaching into your bag you grab your cell and dial home. The first thing you hear is that sweet voice saying your name and asking if you are okay. With a happy laugh you smile and say "I made it to the top"

okay so I couldnt sleep tonight and i started reading a manga called KOKOU NO HITO as you probably already guessed it's about rock climbing. i only read 15 chapters of it so far (which isnt much) but i decided to write a short story about rock climbing because i also love climbing message me if you liked it.
Aug 15 2012 3:25PM
If we kissed it would be?
[] Uhm, We Wouldnt.
[] Long & Meaningful.
[] Lets Hit Up The Bedroom, lol.
[] You Remember Last time..
[] Awkward (;
Would I date you?
... [] No
[] I Want To But It Wouldnt Work
[] Maybe
[] Nah, You're Like Family .
[] If I Knew You Better
[] Already Did
If we took a pic together, we would be
[] Hugging Each Other .
[] Just Chilling
[] Holding Hands (:
[] Kissing
[] Acting Stupid
[] Normal Pic
[] You holding me from the back
You are?
[] Cute as **** (;
[ Pretty
[] Breathtaking
[] Adorable
[] You're alright
[] Amazing
[] Nice looking
[] Sexy
[] all of the above^^
[] ugly.
YOU + ME (; + ROOM =
[] Movies
[] Cuddle
[] Hang out
[] Kiss
[] Play Games
[] Smash
[] Wouldn't Let You In
You should?
[] Hit Me Up
[] Be mine
[] Marry me on Facebook
[] Add me as your sister/brother on fb
[] Make this status so I can like it
If we got married?
[] I'd Divorce You .
[] Make Kids .
[] Take Your Money And Bounce
[] Smash Everyday
[] I Would Cheat On You .
[] Be Faithful .
[] Kill You In Your Sleep(lol jk)
Do I like you?
[] Yes
[] Maybe (;
[] Nope
[] As a friend
Aug 14 2012 4:37PM
Seriuosly people need to stop pretending to be famous people. Im getting sick and tired of it
Nov 22 2010 10:51PM
Stupid people
I really hate it when people say one thing then they do the opposite
Oct 11 2010 9:13PM
Girls only
If you want boys to answer this then post "BOYS ONLY"
If you want girls to answer this then post "GIRLS ONLY"

What would you do if?
1. I was right next to you:
2. I kissed you:
3. I lived next door to you:
4. I started smoking:
5. I was hospitalized:
6. I was drunk:
7. I hugged u:
8. I asked you to leave:
9. I asked you out:

What do you think about my?
10. Personality:
11. Eyes:
12. Hair:
13. Body:

Would you?
14. Be my friend?
15. Keep a secret if i told you one?
16. Kiss me?
17. Go on a date with me?
18. Keep in touch?
19. Date me?
20. Have sex with me?

Have you ever?
21. Lied to make me feel better?
22. Wanted to kiss me?
23. Wanted to bite me?
24. Kept something important from me?
25. Wanted to cuddle with me?

26. Who are you?
27. Are we friends?
28. When and how did we meet?
29. Describe me in one word:
30. What was your first impression?
31. What reminds you of me?
32. If you could give me anything what would it be?
33. How well do you know me?
34. When's the last time you saw me?
35. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
36. Are you gonna post this so you can see what I say about you?
Jun 19 2010 10:48PM
For some reason i dont like comments on my profile :P


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