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Sweet Dreams My Beautiful Nightmare. Rest.In.Peace.Rebecka. ~August 17th 2010~

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Aug 17 2010 5:16PM
im just sorry.
im the girl, that in a few days, you'll have forgotten about.
sweet dreams. my beautiful nightmare <3
Jan 24 2010 11:54AM
About Me.
I'm Katlin-Rebecka ----- Im Not Telling You My Last Name!
I Live In A Small Town. That I'm Soon Moving Far Away From.
I Am Christian Girl... Dont Go Pushing Your Belifes On Me. I Have Mine Already.
I Guess You Could Say I'm One Of Those Girls Who Dreams About The Day She'll Find Her Prince.
But We All Know That Life, Isnt A Fairytale.
So I'll Just Wait.
I'm The Random Kind Of Girl That You'll Find Danceing Around Her Rooom Singing Into Her Hairbrush, And Singing My Heart Out In The Shower. <3
I Guess You Could Say My Life Is Boring.

I Know I May Seem Like The Happiest Girl In The World..
But Its Just Because, I'm Tired Of Crying.
I Know I've Been Smiling, But Inside I'm Dying.
And It Isnt Much Of A Life... But Its My Life
Oct 22 2009 10:36AM
Me ... .♥. ...
I'm Katlin-Rebecka.
But Itz A Long Name And I Hate It.
So Juzt Call Me Rebecka. Kay?
I'm The Weird Kinda Girl That Dances Around Singing In Her Hairbrush Whenever I Feel Like It..
I Sing In The Shower.. Apparently I'm A Good Singer... But.. I Dunno...
I'm 16. Emo. Single. & Heartbroken.
My Birthday Is On October 31st..
I'm Not Perfect, Never Have Been, Never Will Be...
I've Built A Wall, And I Don't Let People In Eazily, So Don't Expect To Be My Bezt Friend, Or For Me To "LOVE" You After Talking To Me Once, Because Itz Gonna Take ALOT Longer Than That.
I Love Muzic. I'm Not Gonna Say I CAN'T Live Without It Becauze Honestly I CAN.
♥♥♥Back Then I Swore I Waz Gonna Marry Him Someday But I've Realized Some Bigger Dreamz Of Mine...
♥♥♥All I Did Was Give Everything I Had To A Boy Who Changed Hiz Mind...


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Sexii Boi
Sep 9 2010 7:01PM

Im Sorry Becky..I Miss You..ALOT
Aug 19 2010 3:19PM

I know...I AM sexy. XD
Aug 14 2010 5:11PM

Wassup Rebecka, you sexy b****? x]
Jun 2 2010 3:22PM

im sorry
i love you
and i always will
Sexii Boi
Apr 7 2010 3:09AM

Ahhhh!! Now your not! LoL
I Loverrs You More!!xDD
Your My World..My Life<33 Dont forget it:)
Sexii Boi
Apr 6 2010 3:52PM

AHHH!! Beckyy-Booo!! Get On!!
I Got Something To Give You!:)
I Love You Lots Babyyy!!<33
I Miss You Lots!xDD

PS I Love You Sooooooooo Much Babe<33 Oppzz...I Already Said That!xDD Haha
Sexii Boi
Mar 11 2010 12:18PM

Rebecka I Havent Heard From You In A While
Im Hurt And Scared Because I Dont Know What Your Doing
Or Who Your With But Anyways Im Here To Tell You I Love You<3
You Still Mean The World To Me Your My Everything<33 I Miss You
And I Love You<33
Sexii Boi
Mar 5 2010 9:29AM

Im nothing without you PLEASE!
I'll do ANYTHING for you to stay!!
I Love You More Then Anything!!<33
Feb 28 2010 2:57PM

Rebecka im sorry
i just wanna be friends
i wont bother u anymore
Sexii Boi
Feb 27 2010 5:21PM

Awwweee LoL I Miss You More Right Now I Love You:)
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