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With Ellie And Franklin(my tree), Italy
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Mar 24 2010 10:18PM
I was staring at her jugs(:
Stella, yu are a stunner. hun yu are uhh-mazzing lol i love yu are my bestie
yu are beautiful and can always make me smile
we are the shizz when were together
and im lonely whn were apart
love and boomboxesTyler
Mar 23 2010 10:49PM
Stella is MY Dino bishh not urs
Stella is a fuxxking amazing girl! She is funny sweet and has a great personality! :) So don't mess with her and If u do u will end up like the last person that did. o.O Be scared bishh!!!!!!

-Alex <3

p.s. Your n AWESOME Dino that likez cuppycakes :)
Mar 15 2010 9:08PM
. do it.
Dear Stella,
I _____ you. You have a nice _____. You make me _____. You should _____. Someday I will _____. You + me = _____. If I saw you now I'd _____. Remember that time when _____? I would build a _____ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _____. We could _____ under the stars.
(P.S. _____.)
Mar 14 2010 3:21PM
I need a familyy
mum- Miranda:)
lil sis- Alex:)
lil bro-
big sis-Tyler:)
big bro- Ellie:)
twin sis- Ashlyn:)
husband- Jakey:)
Mar 13 2010 2:13AM
Ask me something ****tard
Mar 11 2010 9:29PM
Ompa Lompa
OhEmGee. hun its stella
shes so stunning
She flys higherthen a kite
lol this chick is the bomb i love her t death
she has the ten second rule rto the dot
when she drops jolley ranchers i mean

love this chicker
Marci elliE
Feb 8 2010 11:24PM
Get Crunk and F.cked Up!!
This be Scott aka scottie_is_back hacking this girl here!
She be the freaky girl who loves to be random <.<
She's really cool, pretty, Awsum! and etc. :)
Hehe, I don't know what else to say so... buh bye!
Feb 8 2010 11:10PM
im in love with a stripper
Bryanna hurr!
I lurv dis chick to death!
She is my sister!
Dont hurt her or ill hunt you down and hurt you!
Guess what! I have a secret!
Im fallen for dis chicka rite hurr!
I love dis chicka more than anyone ever could!
She is UHH-MAZINGG, pretty, beautiful, and dont let anyone tell you any different!
Jan 12 2010 8:15AM
My cat sneezed? :)
Hello, this is the one and only Miranda
hacking this whore, STELLA!
She is beautifull, smart, funny, and kinda
turnin' me on! ;)
She wanted me to hack her, so I did !
But then she gave me the wrong email address?
and I was like wtf STELLA!
She's not the smartest, lol but sometimes she can be,
I guess :D
well, you know what I'm crazy for stella
but sssh, it's a secret! :D
well, Miranda has gotta go, and hack someone else
thats hot, ;)
- Love always


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LiGiIt SeXy boY
Apr 14 2010 8:55PM

hey im just showing some love hhe <3 i want soomee bakee XD love u cookie :P
Mar 24 2010 9:49PM

Alex.gangsta is a fake mmk !
JakeyJake :)
Mar 24 2010 6:39PM

ya cuz without trees the world would be so ugly
JakeyJake :)
Mar 24 2010 10:08AM

I recycle! does taht mean im eco-friendly?
Mar 23 2010 10:56PM

Dear Stella,
I wuv you. You have a nice bff. You make me pisss my pants of laughter. You should go to wlmart with me. Someday I will hugg you. You + me = one time. If I saw you now I'd laugh at yu. Remember that time when w sang doin yur mom? I would build a tree housejust for you. If I could sing you any song it would be ima gangsta. We could make youtube videosunder the stars.
(P.S.OhmyJizz this saves trees(:.)
Mar 23 2010 10:42PM

*gigglez* u look funny when u do tht
Mar 23 2010 10:15PM

Mar 23 2010 10:02PM


Mar 23 2010 9:42PM

oh yay!!!
haha u funny!!
Mar 23 2010 9:36PM

Your my new bestie!! :)
But im scared of you cuz u a dino!! :(
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