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Mar 6 2011 5:37PM
These are people I know are fake:::
23naynay - Katie Skadoske
Dj_Cricket - Katie Skadoske
Kaylee. - Kiki Kannibal
Claire.Zombie - Leda Monster Bunny
TOTAL_ 12 - Katie Skadoske
wheelchaiir - Randy Romance
SKATER CHICK - Brookelle Bones
XxXEmo babyXxX - Brookelle Bones
<3lovergurl1<3 - Brookelle Bones
SamCorpse™ - Katie Skadoske
lilpearl - Alex Evans (changed pic)
bdiamondz - Katie Skadoske
<3kacii<3 - Hannie Dropkick
thetalker - Brookelle Bones
XxEvilBunnehXx - Brookelle Bones
Xx-emoboy-xX - Alex Evans
xXKaylaGoreXx - Becca Louise
XxHotguy4uxX - Alex Evans
poptartluv15 - Katie Skadoske (changed pic to another fake one. Google blonde and black hair scene friends)
™Emo_luigi™ - Destry Moore
-Hayley- - Hannie Dropkick
Mar 6 2011 5:34PM
I hate when it tells me to modify my blog :P
One.I am obsessed with "The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it's been that way since I was little.
Two.I hate a few people, but it's only because they are blind to who they are and what they do. But it's okay. Because I have a secret plan to move them far away... hahaha jk ;]
Three.I am beautiful, and I really don't care for your opinion on the subject.
Four.I have one quite a few photography contests. And I have taken classes.
Five.I have been drawing since I was a year old. I still need to work on it.
Six.Andy Sixx, enough said.
Seven.I only trust one person. But anyone can trust me.
Eight.I play the guitar. It's been a family tradition for a few years. And I don't tell that many people because they laugh. Haha, so funny. Well, my grandfather made a tape of him playing the guitar before he died and that's all I have left of him besides a birthday card. So it really is sooo funny.
Nine.I write stories. And I'm horrible.
Ten.I have 9th period with some pervs.
Eleven.I HATE it when people fake serious stuff for attention. Mostly because I have mild depression and I know it isn't that serious, but I hate how a disorder is a trend.
Twelve.Being childish is overrated... but not by much :P
Thirteen.My favorite number~
Fourteen.I'm not sure if I'm bi.. Still figuring stuff out.
Fifteen.I don't believe you. I think you are lying ;]
Sixteen.I have been all over Europe, and will do so again in a few years :]


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<3 Just Me <3
May 20 2011 9:17PM

Hey, what's up chica!!!? I feel like crap. -_- YOU CANNOT MOVE!
Mar 26 2011 3:39PM

Holy Damn,
It's been TOO long
I think I'm back on MFG for good now ^_^
Feb 16 2011 5:13PM

=] From what I can tell, your an awesome person
And if anyone says different they can talk to me
[I bite] xD
Feb 14 2011 7:23PM

Hello there my friend =]
Tasha here just droppin' a message to this AH-MAZING girl here :3
Your awesome to talk to ;;
don't EVER change =]
Feb 14 2011 5:51PM

Casey, my new best friend
Happy Valentines Day(:<3
Feb 13 2011 9:49PM

WABAM! So like yeah. Caseys preee kewl if you ask me.
Except that she stole my baby >.<
Did you know that she has RAPING POWERS? Yess ma'am she does. So watch out o.o shes raping erybody!
Ghetto talk? Juss a bit.
So anyway. The words Casey and amazing belong in the same sentance :o 
Trueee shizz right there!
Casey is the only one that knows my true ninja identity. Shhh!
And plus. We like chipmunk butts ;o
-snatches comment virginity and locks it in my virginity box-
i love you dearest(:
-Kylee Miranda

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