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Dec 21 2010 9:07PM
Hacked U Stormie bear!!! lol
Nov 14 2010 12:21AM
Meh and my Dylans Convo! (We are just friends)
Me - Bonjour
Dylan - Bonjour Mon Amour.
Me - Bonjour bebe , viens ici .
Dylan - Embrassez - moi Bebe?
Me - Oui Mon amour
Dylan - Je t'aime Storm
Me - Je t' aime aussi
Dylan - Pour Tougours?
Me - oui
Dylan - Au Revoir mon amour, Je t'aime
Me - Je T' aime aussi Au Revoir!
Nov 6 2010 2:59AM
itz been forever since ive gotten on, ive messed up alot of things.
Ive given up the best thing that has ever happend to meh, for this?
wow this has taught meh a good lesson...But wtfe idc anymore.
im just giving up...everything.
Oct 11 2010 11:10AM
Lilly here(:
This chick ish my number one, bestest friend. We have soo many memories.
And our friendship has made it through the "ups and downs" its like its just a fanstasy.
Well this ah-mazing girl needs to find someone to love. I mean, Devin her "love" was an ass last night.
And i think they're over, soo she is single(; anyone wanna change that?? haha well i love you StormyBearz<3
Sep 6 2010 11:46AM
Getting off mine, and onto Lillyz!!!
so you should message us ;D we promise we wont hard ;D
Sep 6 2010 11:39AM
Hahaha im awake now! Lillypad woke me up xD
Well im having such a great morning!! i get energy drinks!!
hahahaha yay me!! ima wake KeithyBearz,SarahBear,Kaylin,Jakob,&Jake
upp too. because they wanna go cliff jumping! xD
cant wait today iz guna be soo amazing!
Sep 6 2010 11:35AM
Hacked Nigguh
Haha thiz iz Lilly hacking diz nigguh! Haha nobodody can hack like me ;D.
Well there iz alot to say about thiz amazing girl.....But lemme start off by saying,
She ish absoulutly amazing!!! Nobody can make Me laugh so hard, But she found a way ;D
Im really proud of her,She can stand there like a stone, that not anyone can break.<3
Right now thiz amazing girl iz laying here with Me,Sarah,Keith,Jake,And Jakob.<3
Haha were all Cuddling cause iz cold!. Ahhhh me and her have a mission!
We have to find this super awsome purple gay pony! xD and
then we have to save the world with our awsomeness! haha nobody can do like us!
Well StormyBearz i must be off..........Ill catch you when you wake up!!!
Sep 6 2010 1:48AM
She iz my new bestfriend, FOREVER!!! taht girl means the world to me.
haha she came over to stay the night xD. Gahh she ish absolutly amaizingly epic!!!
haha nobody can replace her as number 3 on my top 5 bestiez!!!
hahahaa love you Lilly Ann Smith!!!!!!!! hehehehhe
hehe she iz also my super secret sexy lover!
Sep 6 2010 1:43AM
Re to: XD
Im not hanging up, i dropped the call!!!
haha love you hoe!!!!<3
Sep 6 2010 1:39AM
Sitting here with,
wondering if my life could get any better? I know that as long as the people
im with are happy and have no problems my life will be wonderful.
Soo hit up the inbox lovez<3


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Oct 10 2010 5:09PM

Thats the name of my love, my heart&soul.
I love you Stormybears
you are the bestest friend i could every every ask for :D
just had to let yew know (:
Oct 10 2010 5:09PM

Thats the name of my love, my heart&soul.
I love you Stormybears
you are the bestest friend i could every every ask for :D
just had to let yew know (:
Oct 2 2010 11:03AM

text me i miss u
Sep 6 2010 11:53AM

Helloz Love,
you should probaly know by now that i own every part of you!
hahaha even your virginity :P -Takes it From Scottie and hides it-
hahaha So what now punks! Lmfao
Love you StormyBearz
Sep 6 2010 11:51AM

Helloz Love,
Sep 5 2010 9:52PM

i love you to Storm!!!!!<3
haha my bestie till the end of the rainbow xD
ohh and we have our next hunt this week, we need to find
the Magical gay pony!!! hahaha yeah well i love you my Freaky Friend(;
Sep 2 2010 8:45PM

Heyy Sex mastaaaa
hahha yeah you know what im talking bout.
welll i misss you Stormybearz you needa call or text me
i want to seeee you sooo bad. you think you could come to
Keith's house? that would be awsome if you could.
well i love you to death baybay.
Aug 28 2010 9:33PM

Hey Shexayyyy Momma(;
haha you needa get your azz onn..
Even tho you live with me dont mean shytttt
hahaha love you Shexayyy lil momma(;
Aug 19 2010 3:57PM

AWW well dont ever hurt my sister. becuz i will find u and hurt u. my sissy. i love yew storm!! ♥ lauren
Aug 19 2010 3:53PM

shes mine forever i call im in love with her she is my world and everything she makes me so happy and shes the most amazing girl i have ever meet i wanna be with her forever shes so gah words cant even discribe it -holds storm close not letting go for anything no matter how hard u push and anything-
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