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I like most sports I am a guy I like to shop and have fun I like to cook and exercise I like most animals I love seals and stingrays I am funny and I am good with relation ships and advice i am a libra born october 10 i am 75 pounds

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Jul 23 2008 9:42AM
email me at
Jul 23 2008 8:40AM
A white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: "Listen sir....when I was born I was BLACK " "When I grew up I was BLACK, " "When I'm sick I'm BLACK, " "When I go in the sun I'm BLACK, " "When I'm cold I'm BLACK, " "When I die I'll be BLACK." "But you sir." "When you are born you're PINK". "When you grow up you're WHITE, " "When you're sick, you're GREEN, " "When you go in the sun you turn RED, " "When you're cold you turn BLUE, " "And when you die you turn PURPLE. "And you have the nerve to call me colored?" The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away.. Put this on your page if you HATE Racism
Jul 13 2008 9:56AM
the way to treat you bf/gf
you do not force them to love you you can try to post your self as a good person in front of them but dont force them you supposd to do what they want and if they ask you what you want to do you should try and think of something fun to do with that person you have to be fun and passonit and have hobbies and take them out to have fun you must not cheat on them you have to be a good person you have to be smart and stong at heart you have to protect them if your a guy if your a girl than try and walkaway from whoevers bothering you and most definatley dont break up over the phone be good to your lover
Jul 13 2008 9:53AM
i hate people who cheat on other people im a guy and if someone cheated on me i would say fine if youre that imiture than go do what you want to do
Jul 3 2008 11:58AM
you should go to youtube and look up smosh they are funny they have some good videos i reccamend the quest for the scooter and boxman
Jun 26 2008 8:07PM
i need people to visit my page come and visit
Jun 25 2008 11:36AM
if you want to have fun you have to make friends. friends are good to have and can get you things and can get you into places. friends can help you find things and can help you through rough times. friends can be bad and betray you so pick wisely. but friends can also be very good and turn into a " very good friend"
Jun 25 2008 11:18AM
Good games
i know a lot of good games penquin club on is a really good game is good too


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*~ lost soul ~*
Jul 13 2008 1:42PM

thanx for the add

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